Friday, April 01, 2011

Beach Day

What a day!  Well, after almost 2 hours of prep time to get to the beach, we get there and play for a little while and then there were hundreds of little black bugs and lady bugs.  Amelia flipped out!!!!!!!  Auntie Louise offered to take her home, but of course right before they leave Amelia starts to have fun!  The pics of Amelia were during the fun time! The rest of us stayed behind and had lots of fun.  Thanks Louise for the pictures!


More buddies

Jumping off the ledge!

Amelia's attempt to jump!

Auntie Jacqui just arrived so more pics to come!!!

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Meinhardt Family said...

Ahhh, that looks AWESOME!!! I love that first picture of Mabel. So stinking cute! Hey, sounds like we'll be seeing each other in August at the family reunion. Wish it was closer.