Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another school year is over.....

Wow, it flew by!!! I can't believe it but we now have a 3rd grader, a 1st grader and Mabes is starting in Trasitional Kinder!  Crazy!!!!  
Here is a pic from the first day of school....

 Last day of school!
Good job guys!  So proud of you.  We also got report cards today and the kids are either at grade level or above in all categories.  They are delightful to have in class and more importantly, "good friends and classmates to all those around them".  That makes this mama happy.  Well done.
Amelia had a kinder celebration today and they sang a couple cute songs, we had a potluck picnic lunch and had the chance to thank and take pictures with her teachers.  It was adorable!  One year down, A LOT more to go Bedelia!  

Someone was excited to see me...

Someone was excited when she saw daddy!

Mrs. Newman, Frau Wolf and Ms. Goebel

Proud parents!

Farm Yankees are Champs!

Jeremy's team, the Yankees, won the playoffs on Saturday May 31.  It was a close game and they played against Matthew's team so it was bitter sweet.  Matthew was pitching when Jeremy went up to bat and it was not fun!  It was 5-1 and then Jeremy batted in runs 6 and 7 and they ended up winning 7-6 so I've been told that he batted in the winning runs.  Baseball is a little beyond me sometimes but I'll trust what I am told.  I am super proud of this team since they didn't win every game and worked hard.  Slow and steady wins the race right?  I am also proud of J....he hit a rough patch during the season and wasn't hitting well.  By the end of the season he kept his cool, even when he had 2 strikes and pulled out some big plays.  Love you sweet boy.

Good job boys!!!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Birthday Marathon

Well, the festivities are finally over for Amelia's 6th birthday!!  Goodness, I'm tired!
Wake up!  You're 6!

 I love the birthday sibling picture!

 Donuts for breakfast

 "Happy Birthday" sung by The Meinhardt boy band :)

We went swimming at a friend's house after school and we went to dinner at Soupplantation with Oma, Auntie Beth, our family and some of the Taylor clan.
We had the South bay peeps over Saturday night to celebrate and her birthday party this morning.  
RAINBOW theme!

I had Annie and her friend Amelia help so they gave manicures, put on face tattoos, danced and played with the girls!

Amelia wanted a "book making" station so books were made.

Happy Birthday sweet girl. Hope you enjoyed your day!  Thank you Auntie Jess for bringing the girls up for the weekend to celebrate and help pull it all together!