Sunday, May 30, 2010

Amelia's Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party

Arts and craft area. Decorate your own little flower pot and plant some seeds. They turned out super cute!

I pretended to be Marth Stewart and made vases out of watermelons! You don't even empty the watermelon out....the flowers drink up all the water!

....more pics to come

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Amelia!!!!

She doesn't know it's her birthday today because Ryan wants to be here and he's been out of town since Monday. He gets home tonight so when Amelia wakes up tomorrow...she'll be 2!!! :) So fun Friday it was with Nicole and the gang and we headed to Polliwog Park! Amelia got super tired by the end so my big 2 year old became a baby again! We also encountered a mommy duck and her ducklings and everyone was waving hello!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cool Cat

This cool cat is going to be 2 tomorrow! What happened to my little baby girl?!?! Time is flying....

Sibling Love

There are moments (and I said "moments") where the chaos, noise, parenting, refereeing and fighting stop and there is nothing but love between little people who call themselves siblings! And when that happens, it feels amazing as a parent and it can melt your heart. Today at Emerson School with Amelia, she made a pasta necklace for herself and one for her big brother. I was in the kitchen and gave her the necklace to give to him and she went outside to find him. I heard her mumble something about "pasta, necklace, for you" and he said "thank you Amelia" and she then replied "welcome". It was time to play with their necklaces on and I heard, "come on Amelia, let's go in the garage", "okay", "you wanna do that with me". I mean, it just feels good. So....I ran and grabbed my camera and he's been into putting his arm around her (he still doesn't look at the camera all the time) and she is too in love with her brother to look at the camera. Notice how she is holding his hand that's over her shoulder.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Check ups

Jeremy and Amelia had their yearly check ups today and as you can see, it went as expected. A lot of crying from Ms. Amelia, none from Jbird and a happy Ms. Mabel watching contently in her car seat!

Waiting to be called back...

Waiting for the doctor...

Ms. Amelia weighed in at 25 lbs 6 oz (35%) and 33 1/4 inches tall (25%)! No shots for her today so all in all, she was happy once she was done with her check up! I brought her blankie and pacifier for back up so I could actually have a conversation with the doctor!

Jeremy got to weigh in on the big kid scale and weighed in at 42 lbs (90%) and 42 inches (75%)! He got one shot, a hearing and vision test and passed with flying colors. Hopefully he got my vision!

ps...snuck in a weight on Mabel and she is 18 1/2 lbs! Catching up to Amelia :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Just an update....on life!

Jbird fell off the top of a play truck straight on his face. It was quite a fall. Bruised right cheek, bloody lip, chin and bump on his forehead. And he only wanted "dada"!

Hanging out while mom cooks dinner....why not sit on the toilet :)

Playdate with mom's friend Erin and her daughter Emily!

And the poop present waits patiently....

Donuts for breakfast.....yummy!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mother Son Dance at the YMCA

My friend and I took our boys to the mother son dance at the YMCA! Shall we say that it doesn't matter how old you are, the girls end up dancing together and the boys have more fun running around :) They had a red carpet with a photographer, desserts, magician and of course music. Jbird had a blast!

Our girls

They love each other!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Heading home tomorrow but we've had tons of fun!!!!

Computer time with my auntie who loves me a lot!!!!

QT with my little man!

Movie in bed!

We took the kids to the Splash Zone and they had a BLAST!!!

Jett and "Mimi"(what Jett calls Amelia)

I took all the kids (well, 6 of them walking and Mabel in the bjorn) on a walk so Jacqui and Courtney could have a glass of wine and make dinner!!! It was fun but busy.
We leave tomorrow and the kids are going to be sad to leave their cousins and aunties but Court and the kid are coming to L.A in a few weeks!!!! Wish me luck on the flight home!! Yikes....

1st Trail Run

Courtney, Jacqui and I went on a trail run today and it was tough, beautiful and fun all at the same time. 7.5 miles up and down mountain trails and I am beat.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My 1st "road ride" with my sisters!

I did pretty well for my first ride. Only one fall (and that was practicing in the driveway) and I kept up with Court and Jacqui most of the way. We hit a couple big uphills and I fell behind but other than spin classes and running a lot trained me well. Not sure on the distance but I thought I heard Courtney say it was 35 miles. It was beautiful and the weather could not have been any better. Just thought I would post something I've done because it's always about the kids!

Saturday Soccer Outing

Courtney and I took the big kids, and by that I mean everyone who can walk, to Georgie's soccer game! Georgie scored a goal!!! Yeah George! After the game, we took the kiddos to "the only pretty mormon church" (according to Courtney) to throw some pebbles and twigs in the stream. For those of us from was a real stream that happen to flow through the church's grounds. Anyway, back to Jacqui's for lunch and ice cream from the ice cream truck and now 5 out of the 8 kids are napping. Courtney has the ones not napping :) Sucker. I am off in a couple hours to go on my first "road ride" with Jacqui and Courtney. I will let you know how that goes. Wish me luck.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Salt Lake far

So, we arrived in Salt Lake after a terrible flight. All was great getting through security, loading the plane, etc. As we're heading down the runway, Jeremy is saying, "woo hoo" and Amelia followed with a less certain "woo hoo". Jeremy was pointing the beach out, telling Amelia all the things we were flying over. It was a bumpy takeoff which didn't seem to bother the kids but on the inside, I was a little nervous. Always am when I am flying and I kept hearing Ryan say, "if the plane goes down, I lose my whole family". Thanks sweetheart. About 15 minutes into the flight, Jeremy says he doesn't like this plane because it's making his belly hurt!! What!!!! He is the kid who loves to fly and thinks bumpy plane rides are rollercoasters. Anyway, I get everyone settled with snacks and a movie on my iphone but Jeremy keeps looking at me and telling me he doesn't like this plane. AND the crying begins. Jbird wants me to hold him but I am holding Mabel. Amelia wants every snack, magazine, etc. Mabel just wants to sleep. The row next to us is empty so I tell jeremy to lay down there and try to sleep and the plane would be less bumpy. The "barf" bag is now in front of him and he's starting to lose it. THEN, the pilot says the flight attendants need to sit down because of the weather! What?!?! Is this some sort of joke. One big bump and amelia LOSES it. She's never liked the feeling of her stomach "dropping" but this took it to a whole new level! She didn't stop crying the rest of the flight which was 30 more minutes. Mabel is being as good as she can but she just wants to sleep and every time I get here settled and asleep, Jeremy asked for something and she would wake up. I had all 3 crying at a once and I was apologizing to the women in front me. "It's okay honey, I have 7 grandchildren"! THANK god because it got ugly. Jbird finally fell asleep but Amelia didn't want anything to do with her seat because it was a rough flight so she was on my lap and I had to wrestle with her to keep her there because the seat belt sign was on. Now Mabel was hungry so I was feeding Mabel a bottle (after spilling formula powder on myself) with my left hand, wrestling Amelia with the right. Plane lands! Holy &^%$, I am DONE.

Since we've been here, it's bee GREAT! The cousins have gotten along great and we've actually been able to sit for a minute. Remember, we have 8 kids under the age of 6. Yikes. Here are some cute pics! Oh yeah, one accident when Jacqui's dog Marley knocked Amelia into the door and she has a black eye and forehead. Poor thing!

The get-a-long gang on the tramp!

Super happy Amelia

Precious Mabel and Benny who love to just look at each other!!!

Lunch time!

On our way home from the park. That is Courtney and Teddy WAY in the back. Then Cece and Jbird, Amelia, Jett and Georgie is not pictured! Crazy times but lots of fun!

ps...not a lot of pics of the older kids (Jeremy, Cece and Georgie because they are having too much fun to stop)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

What a weekend! It's fun to celebrate Mother's Day by sleeping in, getting a break from the kiddos and other things but it's also cool to realize how amazing it is to be a mom and love your mom for everything she's done for you. So, here is the weekend in pics!

Mom and me

Ms. Thing in her Mother's day dress!

An updated family picture!

Deer in headlights

A game of chase in the front yard!

A failed attempt at a kids picture!

Sweet moment between a dad and his "princess"

We love hanging out in the front yard. It's fun to see people passing, neighbors coming and going and of course it always turns into playing with Annie and Jack. So why not do a puzzle?

Someone is getting blonder hair (and chubbier cheeks)

Jeremy and Amelia helped daddy dig a big hole in the back yard!