Thursday, February 13, 2014

Update on life!

We've enjoyed some amazing weather and took full advantage.  We went swimming at our friend's club and then went out on a sunset boat ride.  It was AMAZING!

The girls are in gymnastics 2 days a week for an hour and a half and love it!

Jeremy has started baseball and guitar practice again and seems to enjoy both.  He didn't get his BFF on his team but he's come into himself.  He can hit it hard and he looks like a real ball player now.  Not the little 4 year he was when he started!  I'll get some pics soon.

Auntie Jacqui came to town with the kids for a short week and the cousins were crazy but had tons of fun!!!!  Nick was in camp with US and was starting against S. Korea so I went to enjoy a great game.  He won 2-0 and recorded a shut out.  Way to go Uncle Nicky!

I'm not sure why but I didn't get any pics of the older kids.  :(  Maybe because these two are too funny not to photo!

I've started back to a psych class but it just started so I am trying to get some "me" time in before it gets more intense and I start another 2 classes in April.  A cloudy day run...
...and brunch with Natalie, Jess and Christy.  Yum!

Mabel is quite the character....charging her phone (a wooden sugar from her play kitchen)

Found this old pic of my curly haired Amelia...

 And this great pic of J with me and Mabel :)  He's always loved his little sisters!