Friday, October 31, 2014

First days of school for everyone - Fall 2014

Jeremy and Amelia started school on August 18 so Mabel and mommy had a couple weeks to hang out before Mabel started.

One of our mommy/daughter outings was to her cardiologist for her annual check up.  Her defect has almost totally repaired itself and the doctor is very happy with how she looks.  We will go back one more year and if it looks the same, our appts will go to every other year.  Way to go Mabes!

 Then came Mabel's first day of Junior Kindergarten.  It didn't go as smoothly as we thought.  She is so independent that we thought she would breeze through this transition.  I don't think that having 2 full weeks alone with me helped at all.  Tears, tears and more tears.  Like, "had to pull her off of me" tears.  They last a couple weeks as well.  It broke our (daddy really doesn't like it) hearts and it didn't help that I already felt really guilty about going back to school.  All is good now (it's December) but it took awhile.

Sad girl.  Still makes me sad to look at it.  Love you Mabel.

Mommy, daddy, Beth and Guy went to Ojai to celebrate Guy's big 50th!  SOOO relaxing and needed!

While we were gone, all the kids had their first soccer games.  Cue guilt again.  Well, Mabel didn't but these two did...

Mabel's first game was the next weekend and it was so much fun to watch her.

The kids really liked this season and Jeremy and Mabel came out of their shells big time.  Jbird became a little scoring machine.  As did Mabel.  Amelia is a super fast, determined little player but she is still afraid of the girls being 2 heads taller than her.  She is skilled and fast but needs a little more confidence.  

Oma and Opa got back from a summer in Holland and brought super cool presents for the kids.  Thank you!

(Meinhardt is written on the back)

Mommy started her program as well and the guilt (imagine that) has slowly been going away. They love their babysitters, still get to have playdates and mommy is still around a little bit. :-/

 Got my first official pair of scrubs!

First flu clinic - yes, I actually gave shots.  It was fun!  

We moved into an apartment in Playa Vista since the remodel on our house was set to start November 3.  Here we are on Halloween.  The girls are Elsa from Frozen (shocker) and Jeremy was a sumo wrestler.  I am just a regular old German girl I guess.

Post about house coming up next.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy 70th Opa!

Opa celebrated his 70th birthday October 23.  We threw a big party for him and it was a blast.  Ryan was at a friend's wedding so he missed it.  Happy birthday dad.