Sunday, March 18, 2012


Literally!  Amelia told me Adia was her "BFF" and I about passed out.  Where did she hear that?  I asked her and she said she "just knew it."  Wow, talk about 3 going on 13.  We had her over for a play date and they had a blast.  They played dress up, jumped on the trampoline, did an "art project" (Amelia wants to do one every day), ate lunch and just hung out!

Even Mabel got in on the action.  She's already the "annoying little sister" who wants to hang out with the big girls.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We'll miss you Jett and Benny

Amelia had her 1st soccer lesson and she did awesome the first 1/2 but started crying half way through and watched the rest.  At least she started this one....she didn't participate a single minute in her 1st solo gymnastics class.  I think she's a natural!

On to Jeremy's baseball game!  The kids love saying hi to their daddy through the fence and Mabel likes to flirt with the boys in the dugout!

I don't know who dropped off the princess box of dress up clothes but thank you!  Or not....

They use to fit with space to spare but these two girls are growing way too fast!

Grandmommy always says, "Mabel is such a stitch"!  That she is.  The kids were having a spaghetti snack and when I came back outside, she was naked on the table and auntie Jacqui showed Benny how to feed Mabel.  If only we had grapes, fans and half dressed men to feed her.  How funny is she?

Fun memories like always.  Until next time cousins....

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Madness

Literally!  A busy month so far and it's only March 11!  On March 1, Ryan and I headed to NY.  Ryan for work and I just tagged along.  Thank you Oma for watching the kids and thank you Opa for helping her.  We had nice dinners, walked everywhere, drank coffee, read my book and enjoyed uninterrupted conversations :)

We had William's 4th birthday party the day I got back and the kids had a blast!!!!  Ryan stayed in NY until March 9 :(  

Jbird had his 1st baseball game and won!  Go Bulls!  They have a new pitching machine (so it's consistent unlike when the coaches pitch) and it took the kids a little while to get used to it but they still did really well!

I did some babysitting so Mabel could have a play date with her buddy Eden...

Amelia performed in her school circus...

and Auntie Jacqui, Jett and Benny are here to visit and watch the MLS opener between Real Salt Lake and the Galaxy!

Opa, Uncle Christian, Aunt Windy and Kira went as well and Uncle Nicky won 3-1!  
Auntie Jacqui and I celebrated our 34th birthday together :) Dinner on Friday night at Pancho's in Manhattan Beach, Saturday morning started off with donuts and candles, lunch with Oma, Opa and Uncle Christian and then Auntie Jacqui took J to the game with her and Ryan and I jumped in the limo and hit the town with our South Bay group!  A great day!!!!

Auntie Jacqui is the best sister ever and took the kids out to her in-law's for the afternoon and I had 5 hours to get things done!!!!  It's amazing what you can do.  Here are a couple pics from their afternoon!