Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stockham Cousins are here!!!!!!

Which means we spend LOTS of time at Oma and Opa's house and we have a lot of kids at all times!!!!

I took the kids, except Mabel who was napping at home with adults) to the old stomping grounds (Marymount) for some soccer fun!

 Well, mommy played and the kids....well, I guess they played too!  Rolling down the hill, kicking the balls, riding in a golf cart, checking out mommy/auntie's old school, etc.  I think they had fun!

 In case you missed how stinking cute these two were in the picture above, here it is zoomed in.

Georgia is sleeping in Mabel and Amelia's room and Cece is sleeping in J's room so we have a very full house!!!!  I'm beat.  Night night!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

The kids slept in until 7:30 which was AMAZING!!!!  Here they are coming out to see what Santa delivered while they were sleeping!

They ran over to the plate of treats left for Santa to see what he left behind.  He left one marshmallow and some M&M's which Mabel decided to eat once we all turned our attention to the presents!  We made the kids wait for mom and dad to get our coffee because we love listening to them look for their presents.  Well, Jbird is the only one who can read the names so he tells them!

Christmas 2011 kid picture!

Every year we get together with the George's to have coffee cake and mimosas and exchange gifts.  Due to the amazing neighborly acts this year, they received the "NOY" (Neighbor of the Year) award!!!!  They LOVED it!!!

The girls loved the dollhouse and played with it a lot!

The trash!

Jbird's "big ticket" item was a train and he says it's his favorite gift although I think the nerf guns Uncle Christian picked out might be a very close second.
We put the girls down for a nap and then Jbird and I headed up to my parent's so he could play more with his cousins.  We took a beautiful walk along the bluffs!  It was an amazing day!

The chaos of the Little house!

Present time!  Yessssssssssssss

The Rimando Family in 2011

The Meinhardt Family in 2011  
Have I mentioned that Ryan proposed on this very porch so I always like to get a family picture there because over 8 years ago, it all started right there.

The Little Family in 2011

These two are inseparable!  I wonder why?  Their mommies would be too if they lived close to each other.

It was a GREAT day and we will miss our cousins soooooo much.  Until our next visit!  Now, Auntie Courtney, Uncle Dave and kids come to town tomorrow so here we go again....

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Uncle Christian, Windy, Kira and Kalea were not able to host Christmas Eve due to a stomach bug for poor Kira.  A quick change of plans meant we were hosting.  A little scrambling after shore fishing got everything all set and ready to go.  
We had a yummy Dutch dinner (Ryan and Nick weren't huge fans) but the rest of us LOVED it :)
Tried to get a cute picture but not everyone always cooperates!

Quality time with Oma and Opa!

When everyone left, we put out a plate for Santa and carrots for Rudolph and the rest of his friends! The girls got really into it but Jbird wasn't that excited. Amelia thought the carrots should go right in the middle of the lawn.  Then they ate some before they left it. 

Amelia was very inquisitive about the whole process and thought we should leave the marshmallows outside for Santa.  We had to explain that he comes in the house...hope that doesn't scare her.
Couldn't forget the milk, you know how Santa LOVES milk!

Amelia thought Santa would also like M&M's too so she threw a handful on the plate!

Shore Fishing Tradition

Bethany suggested that we all meet at the beach for Breakfast on Christmas Eve morning!  And so we did!!!!  It was a GREAT way to spend a day that so often is left for last minute shopping, watching football and waiting for dinner.  The George's provided breakfast burritos, we provided Monkey bread and mimosa's and the Bowers brought donuts and coffee.  Yummy!

Jack, Annie, Christian, Alexis and our munchkins!

Oh yeah, the MEN fished and caught a couple leopard sharks!  All the kids took turns touching it and watching it swim around!

David, Ryan and Chris

The kids slept in (7:30) so the girls went to the beach in PJ tops

Kristie, Bethany and me

Bethany was VERY nice and took my girls to the bathroom!  Her little ducklings
Same time, same place next year!!!
The girls are napping now and we're getting ready to host Xmas Eve dinner.  
Merry Christmas Eve!

Finger Food Night 2011

A tradition in the George family is Finger Food Night.  All appetizers, hanging out in comfortable clothes and good friends.  This is our 2nd year joining the tradition and it's a blast!  The kids run around and get to stay up late.  Too late.  Almost 10pm late! Who cares, it's Christmas time!!!!

We brought real food but I wanted to make "finger food" dessert.  Grandmommy/Mary always makes white chocolate, peppermint covered marshmallows and I crave them!  So, I decided to forgo the stick she uses and just make 'em "pop in your mouth"able!  
Here are the kids helping peeling ALL the candy canes.  And eating them!! Bethany had a great idea to use the food processor to speed up smashing the canes.  BRILLIANT!!  I wanted to make peppermint dust!

My new name for them!  White chocolate covered marshmallows with peppermint dust :)

Happy Cousins

We took the the kids to Candy Cane Lane and they had a blast!  The boys didn't want to leave the train house!  This isn't a great picture but you can just see how happy these kids are to be together.  It's pretty unreal to watch them love each other.  

The girls were playing so cute together so I made them stop and take a picture!!!

Then I made all of them get together!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011

Almost Christmas!

Sorry for the delay but we've been SUPER busy getting ready for Christmas.  We've had Christmas performances, rainy days for baking cookies, Christmas parties and lots more.  

Sprinkles anyone?

Amelia had her Xmas performance and did awesome!  Oma and Opa came to watch and she loved it!

Sisters!  So stinking cute together!!!!! They posed like this on their own!

Only in CA and maybe FL could you hang out in shorts and side walk chalk an Xmas tree!  

Tonight we're off to Candy Cane Lane and lots of fun things in the coming days!!! Jacqui and kids are back for a couple days so the cousins are having a blast!!!!!