Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Mabel!!!!!
Wow, we can't believe she's 2!  

As usual, I took a picture of her 1st thing (I do it every birthday because I like to remember what they looked like in their beds) 

and after a hug from her big brother 

and a crackly morning voice rendition of Happy Birthday, she made her way out to her presents! She would have had no idea except her brother and sister guided her to the loot.

Her new, bigger than life, puppy!

She heard barking from this bag so it peaked her curiosity!

And it was one of her favorite presents!  A dog she can walk because it's on wheels with a leash!

Mabel loves donuts so she got them for her birthday breakfast!

We spent the morning hanging out with Jack and Annie (who came over to sing and eat with us) playing with new toys!

After a LONG nap we hung out in the front yard!  The ice cream truck came before dinner and because it was her birthday the kids got to eat it before dinner.

 "I'd like a push pop please"

And yes, she's still in her PJ's!  That's how mellow and great our day was!

Eating on the front lawn!

Our new Xmas trees make the outdoor decor complete!  Thanks Oma!


On a side note, Miss Mabel went #2 on the potty and not just by chance, told me she had to go and went.  If you're keeping tabs, that's about 4 months before Amelia and maybe 2 years before J :)  She has her 2 year check up tomorrow so I'm curious to see where she is in the % categories!  

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