Wednesday, December 17, 2014

'Tis the season

My favorite time of the year.  I have Christmas music playing ALL the time, we bake, make ginger bread houses (I missed this activity this year), decorate our tree, go to Candy Cane Lane, drive around and look at lights, daily countdown calendars, advent calendars, Elfie the elf visits us daily, we write letters to Santa and enjoy hanging low once soccer, school and busy schedules slow down a bit.  I hope these kiddos always know how special this time of the year is to me and pass this on to their kids.  Love you kiddos and all the random fun stuff we do.
Here are a few pics for now.  There will be more to follow.
Our humble abode while we remodel.

Making peppermint marshmallows!  

Happy 5th Birthday Mabel Courtney Meinhardt

Happy 5th Birthday baby girl.  The final piece to our puzzle.  She is such a crazy, sweet little girl.  She is a lot of sugar and a little spice. Things she is doing/saying now:
- she still loves puppies and art
- she is very appreciative of things we do for her
- she is doing amazingly well in school
- she still has lots of friends
- she wants a puppy for Christmas again
- she's such a big girl when she gets dropped off at school every day and walks in all by herself
- daddy thinks you are spunky
- you write and color really well for your age
- you make us laugh every day
- she was a goal scoring machine in her first soccer season
- no one gives more love than you sweet girl
From this....

 to this. Ugh, you complete me my mabelicious.  

House remodel

Started November 3 

We've had a few days of rain which has slowed it down a bit but we're willing to sacrifice for the greater good of our water deprived state.  The kids love driving by every day to see what is happening.  Plumbers were there today and that made Jbird really excited.  Not exactly sure why but it did.  I will try to post again once the framing is done because that will be fun to see.