Friday, December 31, 2010

Balboa Island, Newport Beach CA

Another place we've wanted to take the kids so we motivated to go today.  We had a great time.  We took the ferry over, played on the beach, walked to the end of the pier, went out to lunch and then had ice cream.

(Comparing footprints)

The best way to ride across the ferry

Yes, I am in my ski jacket because it was really chilly when the day started!  I look terrible but Amelia looks darling.

Off to celebrate New Years!  Kids are in bed and Ryan and I are headed out!  Thank you grandmommy :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Coolest Christmas present ever!!!!

Our neighbors, the Georges, made us a super cool present this year.  They made magnets out of our family and their family.  How cool are these for the kids to play with!!!!

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Ryan and I have been talking about taking the kids here for awhile so we thought we would go today with Grandmommy!  

He was one happy kid when he saw Air Force One.  He kept asking if it was time to get on the airplane yet.

Waiting in line to get on the plane.

He was very curious as to how the airplane got in the building.  So were we :)

If you know Jbird, he's obsessed with planes, specifically fighter jets.  We came to a water fountain and Jeremy and Amelia asked for coins to throw in so I searched and found some.  I told them they had to make a wish before they threw it in and Jeremy said, "I already wished to be a fighter jet pilot!" Yikes, I hope not :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Grandmommy got here a few days before Christmas and we've had lots of fun.  Mabel had for breakfast the first morning grandmommy was here but what else is new!

Daddy hooked up with Wii so we've played some golf, bowling and tennis.  Amelia doesn't know how to use the remote so she decided to use the flip video and record it.
We went to candy cane lane, made lots of yummy treats, went to the park, went on a long walk and got ready for Christmas!

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner with Oma, Opa, Uncle "Titan", Aunt Windy, cousins Kalea and Kira!  We ate fried chicken, ham, sweet potato casserole (thank you Grandmommy/Mary), mashed potatos, green beans and dessert.  We played a game of Guesstures and it was so much fun.  Once everyone left, we cleaned up and put out all the presents.  It was quiet and peaceful and beautiful.

I got up a few minutes before everyone, turned on the lights, poured a cup of coffee and sat on the couch to enjoy a moment of peace.  Well, Mabel was up 15 minutes later so her and I enjoyed some down time before this...

Mabel found the presents first and started to open them :)

Then J and A woke up and both got what they asked Santa for.  Stinky the garbage truck for J and a new baby doll for Amelia.
 I had to post this picture so Amelia could hate me one day for doing it.  Check out the hair!!!!

 Mabel watched quietly but actually pulled some paper off the presents but lost interest.  Here they are helping her unwrap her Snoopy snow cone maker.

(the only picture with me was taken by grandmommy's phone so the quality is not great)

When the girls went down for their naps, Jbird and I headed up to Oma and Opa's to help get ready for Christmas dinner.  Daddy and Grandmommy would come up when M and A woke up.  The festivities began and it wouldn't be a holiday at Oma and Opa's if there wasn't...

Boys gathered around the computer watching fighter jets, helicopters, etc...

way too much food...

beautiful decorations...

lots of stockings...

and presents!  

 It was dinner time for the adults and Mabel sat with us.  She chewed on a piece of meat during dinner and loved it.  She loved it so much she thought putting it on her head would be fun.  Needless to say, she got a bath afterwards. 

It was a perfect day and reminded me what's truly important.  Love, health and happiness.  Merry Christmas!  Only 365 days until Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rainy day #2...
We stayed in our pj's until 2 pm when we finally got ready to go to an annual Christmas party without the kids.  So what did we do today...

Played with Jack and Annie almost all day.  They collected 53 worms and played in the rain and dirt for a long time.
The beauty of great neighbors? Jack and Annie played with our kiddos outside (yes, that's Mabel crawling in the puddles.  She kept crying every time someone went out and she couldn't so I let her go.  She didn't care at ALL and loved it) and then Jeremy played over at their house for the girls entire nap so Ryan and I could relax a little.  In the meantime, I set up a gingerbread house (note to mommies, use a glue gun to put it together so it's quick to dry) and all the fixings.  Mabel ate a candy and Amelia organized the candy bowls.

There is supposed to be 5 more days of rain...god help me :)  Auntie Jacqui comes tomorrow and Grandmommy comes on Wednesday.  Christmas is 6 days away!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Can you say "bored" on this rainy day!  I had to post these pics...

Amelia making hot chocolate (they've never had it) and still haven't!  They wanted strawberries instead.  Although, I did tell Jeremy he had to try it before he could have strawberries.

 Mabel got a couple gift cards to Pottery Barn Kids (thank you christy and jess) so we bought this cute hanging house lamp...
 and this super cute night lite!

Chilling out on a rainy day

The new chair

Sisterly love

They thought jumping off together would be fun...and it was!!!!!

My star performers....or not!
Jeremy was supposed to say, "thank you for coming" but it didn't quite come out.  I was still proud of my kiddos :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tonight was the yearly LAPD Santa visit.  Every year, Santa rides around Westchester in a police escorted entourage.  The lights are going, the sirens and of course Santa.  Last year I had to climb up in the truck because Jeremy wanted to talk to Santa but didn't want to be alone.  Nobody wanted to see Santa this year so we watched from the Pickett's front lawn.  Jeremy told Annie to tell Santa that he wanted Stinky the garbage truck.  If you don't know what that is, you will when Jeremy gets it on Christmas :)

We also baked Christmas sugar cookies today for their teachers.  One of their teachers told me it meant more to get things made by the kids so I did just that.  They loved it and had fun eating them as well.

ps...funny story.  Jeremy is obsessed with airplanes and has been for a long time.  Anyway, he was playing with Air Force One and has asked me numerous times, "mommy, where does this airplane go?" He asks that about every airline he has and I usually tell him that KLM goes to Holland, Emirates goes to India and I think he gets it.  Air Force One on the other hand is a tough one.  I tell him that the President of the United States flies in it.  So tonight, I overheard a funny conversation between Jeremy and Amelia.
Jeremy: "Amelia, do you know where this airplane goes?"
Amelia has no response.
Jeremy yells, "Amelia, do you know where this airplane goes?"
Amelia says no.
Jeremy says, "do you know who Barack Obama is?"
Amelia says no.
Jeremy says, "he's the guy who flies this plane!"
My new chair!  
Thank you Oma and Opa for my new chair.  I now have one just like my big brother and sister.  My mom ordered the wrong size so I look like a queen in it.  I guess that's a good thing since everything else is passed down to me...they can be jealous of my BIGger chair.  I sit, play, drink my bottle and climb in it.  I love it!!!! 

Ryan was very creative last night when he hid our "elf".  Yes, his name is Elf.