Sunday, December 12, 2010

Manhattan Beach Holiday Celebration

We took the kids to Manhattan Beach this evening for snow, sledding, picnic dinner, music, friends and fireworks!  I didn't have my nice camera so my iphone pics will have to do.

This was considered the most beautiful day in LA all year.  It was unreal.  Perfectly warm, clear and a slight ocean breeze.  Check out this sunset...

They closed Manhattan Beach Blvd so we layed out a blanket, beach chairs and took turns taking the kids sledding. Jeremy and mommy LOVED sledding.  Amelia enjoyed it as well but not like Jbird.

Mabel didn't know what happened when I put her down in the snow but as soon as she figured it out, didn't like it.  Too cold for her little feet.  This was taken at 5 pm so you can see that is was warm enough for short sleeved and no socks.

The fireworks were set off to holiday music and were mostly green and red. Mabel sat still in my lap the whole time watching them and loving it.  Jeremy was in heaven.  Where's Amelia....she's under the blanket on Ryan's lap. She hated it and cried when they started.

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Meinhardt Family said...

Looks like a fun day! Give Mabel hugs and kisses for her birthday.