Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tonight was the yearly LAPD Santa visit.  Every year, Santa rides around Westchester in a police escorted entourage.  The lights are going, the sirens and of course Santa.  Last year I had to climb up in the truck because Jeremy wanted to talk to Santa but didn't want to be alone.  Nobody wanted to see Santa this year so we watched from the Pickett's front lawn.  Jeremy told Annie to tell Santa that he wanted Stinky the garbage truck.  If you don't know what that is, you will when Jeremy gets it on Christmas :)

We also baked Christmas sugar cookies today for their teachers.  One of their teachers told me it meant more to get things made by the kids so I did just that.  They loved it and had fun eating them as well.

ps...funny story.  Jeremy is obsessed with airplanes and has been for a long time.  Anyway, he was playing with Air Force One and has asked me numerous times, "mommy, where does this airplane go?" He asks that about every airline he has and I usually tell him that KLM goes to Holland, Emirates goes to India and I think he gets it.  Air Force One on the other hand is a tough one.  I tell him that the President of the United States flies in it.  So tonight, I overheard a funny conversation between Jeremy and Amelia.
Jeremy: "Amelia, do you know where this airplane goes?"
Amelia has no response.
Jeremy yells, "Amelia, do you know where this airplane goes?"
Amelia says no.
Jeremy says, "do you know who Barack Obama is?"
Amelia says no.
Jeremy says, "he's the guy who flies this plane!"

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Jess and Jon said...

That is amazing! Love it. I can't wait for those conversations.