Saturday, June 23, 2012

Movin' On Up

We'll start with Miss Mabes!  She had her last class with Teacher Kathy and I'm SO sad to say that was my last class EVER in that program!  What an amazing thing we have here in's no wonder they have to hold a lottery every year because it's truly like winning the lottery.  The friends I've made, the lessons I've learned and the experience my kids and I have had is priceless.  Absolutely priceless.  Thank you!!!

 The teacher's aids are Miss Cate and Miss Betty.  Betty is in her 80's but you would never know it and she has been doing this for 30 years.  She raised 5 boys of her own and is patient with these kids and a face that can calm any crying baby.  Miss Cate has been there for Amelia and Mabel and I'm hoping she can teach at Johnny's preschool :)  We shall see. 
The picture with Kathy didn't turn out but I did get one of her crossing over the bridge which symbolizes completion of the program.  Good job Mabes!

Amelia had her last day of school for the year and a few of her friends graduated so I hope she's not sad when she gets there in the fall :(  The teacher asks them what they want to be when they grow up and she said "doctor".  Teacher Chris then asked, "for dogs or people?"  "Toys" replies Amelia.  Teacher Chris then asks, "for trucks or dolls?"  "Trucks"!  I guess she's really going to be a mechanic!

One more year and this one is off to Kindergarten! Ah!!!!!!

Amelia and her best buddy Adia.  

We did a little messing around with the camera and I thought these shots were funny....

Jeremy is officially a 1st grader!  I can't believe it!  This year went so fast and he ended it with a tough streak of crying when I left him.  Ugh, nothing worse.  Here he is on his 1st and last proud of you buddy!

I think he looks so much older :( There was going to be a little presentation to the teachers right when school started so me and the girls hung out and waited.  Well, as we were in line waiting for the teachers, Stayin' Alive came over the loud speakers and ALL faculty members there went running onto the blacktop and busted out in a "mob flash"electric slide.  SO FUN!  The students LOVED it!  Here is a collage from Jeremy's last day of kindergarten.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meinhardts - 3 Picketts - 4

The Pickett clan is in town for a visit and it was good to see the kids and Jen.  Oh, and meet sweet little Amelia.  It's just too bad all these kids don't live on the same block anymore :(. My Amelia LOVES that she is named "after" her.  Talk about sweet moments...

In typical Mabel fashion...

Sweet little Amelia

 It was love :)

Tied 3-3

And that makes 7

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Memories that will last a lifetime!

Sleep over with the Stockham girls!!!  We painted on the sidewalk, on ourselves, played in the sprinkler ball to clean up, took baths, ordered pizza and watched a movie.  I think they had fun.  The 4 younger ones were in bed and asleep by 7:45 and Georgia was in bed by 8:30.  I passed out at 8:31 :) 

Another collage because I took so many pictures!  Georgia and Cece were so cute and got Mabel all dressed up and painted her nails for their tea party.  Gotta love girls!

She sat so patiently while her nails were painted.

Mabel was one happy girl!

Mabel had a pacifier for the first 10 weeks of her life and then I took it away.  She was TOO dependent :)  Anyway, she loves to steal Benny's pacifier.
Binky kiss...

We headed up to Oma and Opa's house and promised the kids candy if they all smiled for the camera.  Well, we got them all settled and then Jacqui acted like a crazy person to get them smiling.
From left to right; The Get-Along Gang which is made up of Amelia (4), Jett (4.25) and Teddy (4.5), Georgia (8), Kira (7.5), The Caboose Duo of Benny (2.5) and Mabel (2.5) who are 4 days apart and our soul mate cousins Cece (almost 6) and Jeremy (6).  

And they're off to Opa's office for candy...

Oma and Opa turned their garage into a big playroom.  It was just finished on Friday and the kids LOVED the big empty space.  We can't wait until there are couches and maybe a tv! :)

Some more playtime!  Amelia got this dress for her bday and Jacqui bought Benny the same one in a smaller size! 

Once everyone was bathed and fed, we put on a movie so the adults could eat dinner.  Jbird spent the night and Auntie Courtney said he was great!  Opa treated all the big kids (not Mabel or Benny) to Madagascar 3 on Saturday.  
 We will miss you Stockham cousins but we'll see you in your neck of the woods.  
Auntie Jacqui and kids are still here so we're having fun and very busy! 

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

June is here!

Jeremy's baseball season is over and we headed to the annual picnic.  Jeremy got his trophy (3rd one...he will not let us forget that he now has 3) but Amelia thought it was partly hers.  I have to agree. With the amount of time these girls spent at the baseball field, they too should get a trophy.  Water gun fight for all!

The Stockham cousins arrived on Sunday and Cece ended up coming home with us and tagged along for Mabel's field trip to the Science Center.  I tried to be artsy with this shot and I've named it....

"Cousins in the kelp forest"

After we finished up inside the museum, we headed out to the Rose Garden to eat lunch.  I told the girls to make sure and smell the roses and they took it to heart.  

Back up to Oma and Opa's house on Monday afternoon for some more play time!!!!  

Georgia and Cece are spending the night tonight and then Jett and Benny get in tomorrow.  Some busy, chaotic but FUN times are coming :)