Wednesday, June 06, 2012

June is here!

Jeremy's baseball season is over and we headed to the annual picnic.  Jeremy got his trophy (3rd one...he will not let us forget that he now has 3) but Amelia thought it was partly hers.  I have to agree. With the amount of time these girls spent at the baseball field, they too should get a trophy.  Water gun fight for all!

The Stockham cousins arrived on Sunday and Cece ended up coming home with us and tagged along for Mabel's field trip to the Science Center.  I tried to be artsy with this shot and I've named it....

"Cousins in the kelp forest"

After we finished up inside the museum, we headed out to the Rose Garden to eat lunch.  I told the girls to make sure and smell the roses and they took it to heart.  

Back up to Oma and Opa's house on Monday afternoon for some more play time!!!!  

Georgia and Cece are spending the night tonight and then Jett and Benny get in tomorrow.  Some busy, chaotic but FUN times are coming :)


...all of us said...

The picture of Mabel with the water gun is priceless!
~Auntie Jamie

Meinhardt Family said...

Is that Georgia on the far left of the last pic? If so, she looks TOTALLY DIFFERENT! Am I going crazy? Love the pics!!! I really like the aquarium shot.

the gerbdrians said...

Mabel has done the impossible...she has gotten cuter! Those eyes! Also, I think it is hilarious that her and Amelia are the same size. Sev is playing softball and I cannot wait for the season to be over (picnic tomorrow!). You and the girls are super troopers.