Saturday, June 23, 2012

Movin' On Up

We'll start with Miss Mabes!  She had her last class with Teacher Kathy and I'm SO sad to say that was my last class EVER in that program!  What an amazing thing we have here in's no wonder they have to hold a lottery every year because it's truly like winning the lottery.  The friends I've made, the lessons I've learned and the experience my kids and I have had is priceless.  Absolutely priceless.  Thank you!!!

 The teacher's aids are Miss Cate and Miss Betty.  Betty is in her 80's but you would never know it and she has been doing this for 30 years.  She raised 5 boys of her own and is patient with these kids and a face that can calm any crying baby.  Miss Cate has been there for Amelia and Mabel and I'm hoping she can teach at Johnny's preschool :)  We shall see. 
The picture with Kathy didn't turn out but I did get one of her crossing over the bridge which symbolizes completion of the program.  Good job Mabes!

Amelia had her last day of school for the year and a few of her friends graduated so I hope she's not sad when she gets there in the fall :(  The teacher asks them what they want to be when they grow up and she said "doctor".  Teacher Chris then asked, "for dogs or people?"  "Toys" replies Amelia.  Teacher Chris then asks, "for trucks or dolls?"  "Trucks"!  I guess she's really going to be a mechanic!

One more year and this one is off to Kindergarten! Ah!!!!!!

Amelia and her best buddy Adia.  

We did a little messing around with the camera and I thought these shots were funny....

Jeremy is officially a 1st grader!  I can't believe it!  This year went so fast and he ended it with a tough streak of crying when I left him.  Ugh, nothing worse.  Here he is on his 1st and last proud of you buddy!

I think he looks so much older :( There was going to be a little presentation to the teachers right when school started so me and the girls hung out and waited.  Well, as we were in line waiting for the teachers, Stayin' Alive came over the loud speakers and ALL faculty members there went running onto the blacktop and busted out in a "mob flash"electric slide.  SO FUN!  The students LOVED it!  Here is a collage from Jeremy's last day of kindergarten.


the gerbdrians said...

Big accomplishments! So sweet to see them growing up so happy. Jeremy DOES look a lot older. Good job mama!

Meinhardt Family said...

I can't believe how fast they are all growing up!!!

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