Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

Another amazing Christmas at the Meinhardt house!  We hosted Xmas eve for the 2nd year and it was a blast.  We had good friends, Oma and Opa, corn hole, good food, great weather, Grandmommy and lots to drink.  The kids love it when we host.  They have this crazy energy.  Anyway, Christmas day was FULL of presents and then we headed over to the Margallo's for dinner.  Oh, and some jacuzzi time.  Again, we were blessed with AMAZING weather.

The girls got a vanity from mom and dad and so far, it's a hit.  Jbird got legos from Santa and a huge world map from mom and dad.  There were lots more but those are the fun ones.  Merry Christmas!

Daddy had to work after Christmas so Grandmommy and I took the kids down so Mary could get a tour of ryan's office (she had never been) and then we headed to lunch.  The kids LOVE going to Ryan's office.  You can see why...

 Pillows and crazy manufacturing going on everywhere.

Palos Verdes Tide Pools

Ryan took the kids to the tide pools a while back but the tide was high so they couldn't get to them.  We decided it would be fun to take Grandmommy there since she had never been.  Neither had I.  It was beautiful and the kids loved it.  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Mabel!!!!

I could of sworn I just wrote you a 3rd birthday message.  Time is flying and you get funnier, sweeter and more lovable every year.  I love you like crazy and I love the time we get together now that Amelia and Jeremy are both in school.  This is your time baby.  You get to be numero uno!!!
Thank you for loving Jbird with all of your heart.  Thank you for being such an amazing sister to Amelia.  Thank you for making me laugh every day.  Thank you for being such a "daddy's girl".  You make him feel like one special guy.  I guess that's what you do best.  You make everyone feel happier, special, loved and important.  That's pretty impressive for a 4 year old!  
Love you so so so so so much sweet Mabes.

Your "you"ness:
You still love to color
You make pictures for mommy and daddy every day
You always ask me which of my shoulders is the "bad one" and then kiss it
You say "zip up it" instead of zip it up
You still eat breakfast really late and you still like salty more than sweet for that meal
You are selfless
You just climbed up the ladder and daddy found you on the roof behind him while he was putting up xmas lights
You have lots of friends
You love wearing tights with nothing else
You're the first one naked
You still love water and taught yourself how to swim
Matthew is your "boyfriend"
You always tell us your head or belly hurt so you can take medicine
You love to sit in the corner of the couch every morning
Your favorite show is Paw Patrol - a show about a group of puppies
And last but not least, you're still OBSESSED with dogs!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkey Day

We decided to drive down to San Diego and spend Thanksgiving with Jess and Jon and the kids!  It was the best!!!!  I headed down with the kids on Tuesday night after Chemistry and we took them to see Frozen on Wednesday.  We set up the pool, watched movies, hung out and cooked up a delicious dinner if I do say so myself.  SO relaxing and SO stress free :)  We love you guys!!!  See you for Mabel's party in December!!!!
It is so cute to see how these little girls love each other and take care of each other!  

Jbird was here but wanted no part of the "cool" girl photos!

Once Sadie, Mabel and Amelia were out of the pool, Piper and Jbird closed down the night laughing their butts off.  He cracks her up and I think he likes that she thinks he is so funny.  Good times.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jog-a-thon 2013

Jeremy and Amelia did awesome today.  Amelia ran 18 laps which is about 2.25 miles and she was so focused.  She told me she was only going to stop "every other lap" for oranges.  And she did just that.  Jeremy ran 20 laps and if there was fruit, he was stopping.  EVERY lap!  They loved raising money for their school and loved having Auntie Jacqui there to support them.  She ran with them too!!!  We love you Auntie Jacqui!!!!

 Amelia's class - KA

Monday, November 04, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday Annie George!

I just had to post this picture because it's crazy to me how old everyone is getting.  Jack is a freshman in high school, Annie is 12 and my baby is about to turn 4.  Annie was younger than Mabel when we moved in.  Craziness!!!!  We headed to a local Chinese restaurant for dinner.
Clearly Mabel didn't want to be in the picture! :)  Kids!

Halloween 2013

We did the pumpkin patch thing....

We did the carving thing....


We did the Halloween Parade at Mabel's school and danced to Shake your Bones....

Mommy took her Chemistry midterm and submitted her UCLA application for the graduate nursing program and then the festivities began...

This year was the first year that I could not take a picture of all 3 on the steps.  Jeremy's mask caused tears every time he put it on.  We even took turns Trick or Treating.  Classic.  I had my sweet petite ballerina, my adorable unicorn and my scary who knows what.

Jbird (left) and Matthew

Now...on to Thanksgiving, Mabel's birthday and Christmas!  

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cousin filled weekend

Auntie Jacqui, Auntie Courtney and kids all came to town last Wednesday and these cousins cannot get enough of each other.  Precious memories and the bestest of friends.
This pic seemed like it was taken yesterday....
Now look at them.

We went to the beach on Wednesday all afternoon.  As you can tell, we stayed until the sun set.  I haven't done that in a long time. It was a perfect day!!!!

Time at Oma and Opa's

We went to the park on Friday afternoon before Georgia, Cece, Jett and Benny spent the night!

Saturday morning the kids stamped a banner for Amelia's soccer game

We then headed to the beach again!!!  

I think these two are so cute.  She just adores him as you can see with the way she looks at him.

We miss you guys already!!!!