Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a beautiful day!!!

The kids usually eat breakfast while I pack their lunches and today Jeremy asked me "if I would put a note in his lunch box because other kids get notes and the teachers will read them out loud.  Could you do that?" Ummm...OF COURSE, you both get them!  You might be sorry you asked kid!

While J and A were at school, Mabel and mommy played in the front yard, the back yard, set up the pool for the hot afternoon, cleaned, played and cuddled.  Mabel is OBSESSED with tooth brushes so when I was cleaning the bathroom and she found the Costco box of tooth brushes, she thought she had died and gone to heaven!

Count 'em...3 in her hand and two on the bath.

The first water play date was with Simone and Blaise.  They came over right after school so Amelia and Mabel missed it but it makes it less hectic with only 3 rugrats.  Thank you Auntie Cole for the popsicles!

Enjoying the popsicles in the baby pool!

 The moms enjoyed lunch by the "poolside".  Well, we can pretend right?  Who cares if the pool was plastic with a slide.

15 minutes after our first play date left, our buddies Emily and William came over to swim.  Auntie "weez" brought a crazy sprinkler that we put under the trampoline (thank you auntie courtney for that idea) and it as a HIT!  Jeremy took over control for awhile and William loved getting sprayed!

Mabel and Amelia didn't miss all the fun.  They woke up in time for the 2nd round of popsicles and some water fun.  After all of our friends left, we ate dinner and then headed outside to wait for daddy.
Well, Bethany and David were on their way to Jack's baseball game and asked J and A if they wanted to go.  In a flash, they were gone and it was just Mabel and mommy again.  It was nice because mommy and daddy got to eat dinner, catch up and spend quality time with Mabel.  We then headed over to watch a little bit of the game and pick up the kids but Jeremy and daddy didn't want to leave so I brought the girls home and the boys didn't get home until 8:30.  If you know what time my kids go to bed, that's VERY late.  

The kids love baseball!  ALL of them.

Every time we play in the front yard, the "T", bats, balls and gloves come out.  Amelia told me today, "I want to play baseball when I am a boy." I replied, "well, you're never going to be a boy so you can play baseball as a girl." She said, "when I turn 4 because I can't touch the sky yet.  I'm still little!" 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Week recap

I think I finally have my energy back after a long road with Amelia.  Man, she's not an easy patient.  I mean, high fever = laying in bed and quiet.  By day 7 and 8, I was hoping for a high fever :) 
I love this kind of kid :(

Low grade fever and discomfort = "hold me, I don't want to sit, stand, go in bed, watch tv, nothing makes me happy" kind of kid.  No fever and on the mend but used to being spoiled = some sort of demon child easily set off by ANYTHING!  The last 2 days and have been MUCH better.  She actually let Jeremy sit next to her during their "morning show".

Jeremy did some "kindergarten" math and the teacher said he really gets it and is doing an awesome job writing his numbers.  Mabel is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  Did I say BUSY?
She wants to be just like her big brother!

Mabel and mommy headed to our friend's house for a play date with Bella.  Bella's mom, Jess, is about to pop with #2 so we just hung out on the couch and caught up.  Here are the girls having a very "modern day play date"!

I'm happy to say Amelia had a follow up appt today and there is still a little bit of fluid in her right lung but as long as there is no fever, her body will take care of the rest.  THANK GOD!  She hasn't eaten really anything for over a week so her weight is down to the 3rd percentile.  
We headed up to Oma's today for a fun day and came home after the dr to watch the Kansas Jayhawks game (well, I wanted to watch it but only caught a minute here and there because it was "crunch time" and Ryan is sick now so momma was solo!
Mabel's "cheeeeessseeee" smile!

We hope to have a healthy and fun weekend!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Watch out ladies

Funny story....
Every once in a while, Jeremy asks me to lay with him while he goes to sleep.  If you know me, I always worry that something I do will cause a habit...i.e...he'll want me to lay with him every night until he falls asleep.  Again, if you know me, that's not my style.  So...I was laying with him the other night and he was patting my cheek and asked, "mom, how long are going to lay with me?" I answered, "until you fall asleep." His reply was, "then I am going to stay awake forever!"

Watch out girls, we've got a ladies man on our hands!  

Friday, March 18, 2011


Amelia has been sick since Monday so I took her to the doctor yesterday because I was about to go "postal" with her crying, fever, etc.  Well, the poor little girl has pneumonia.  The fever has gone down but she refuses to take the antibiotics (and by refuse, I mean Ryan and I hold her down and it's like bloody murder)! It's horrible.  Anyway, the George's offered to have Jbird over for a sleepover so Amelia could get a really good night sleep.  We will see how it goes with Jeremy as well as Amelia.
Thank you David George for sending this picture!  Comfy and cozy (little do they know how much he kicks at night)!

Our little lefty!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jeremy scored his first run!!

Jeremy had another game today against the Astro's!  He struck out his first time at bat but he got a hit his second time up and got to 1st base.  He then got to 2nd for the first time, then to 3rd which was a MAJOR first.  So I grabbed my flip and caught his first run.  He was a little confused and I yelled a little too loud but it's another funny moment I'll never forget :)

Oh yeah, we are now 3-0.  They turn the score board off when the score gets too high and this was the second time it was turned off.  It was 14-1 when they turned it off.  But you know what's cool about this team being so good...Jeremy gets A LOT of practice at bat. The top of the team always gets on base so he gets at least 3 turns at bat.  Good job TWINS!

Johnny's Circus 2011

It was circus day at Johnny's and Amelia was too sick to go :(  She was sad but was happy to know she could go watch (if she stayed in the backpack so she wouldn't spread germs)!

The kids are super cute and welcome you to the school, take your fake money for tickets and then take your tickets before entering.  They even had the choice of using a credit card this year.  Welcome to 2011!  
Here they are saying, "Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the greatest show on earth"!

Jeremy and his best bud Luke are the "big boys" this year so they were the ball boys tossing the ball back and forth.

"Ta Da"!!!!!!!!!

Best Friends!

After the show, the kids take your fake money (I know, more money) for snow cones, cotton candy, circus animal cookies and water.  Amelia went home with daddy so she missed the treats but Mabel didn't miss a beat!  She knew where the snow cones were before they opened for business.  She was even clapping along during the show.  She's sure going to be ready to start school by the time it's her turn!
Enjoying her snow cone!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just another day...

Just another day at home.  Amelia sick with a fever of 103, Mabel had her 15 month check up and got 5 shots and Jbird made a bed out of his trampoline and had a blast playing on it with Mabel ALL morning. Ah, the joys of motherhood!
When you sleep like she did below, you look like this.

Morning cuddles.  She climbed on him herself and he welcomes her with open arms EVERY time.

Mabel now weighs 27 lbs, 4 oz (95%, she's gone down from 97%) and is above 50% in height and noggin is 95%.  

I thought I was brilliant to give her a lollipop to suck on while she got all the shots but it kind of back fired.  Finger prick turned into blood, cotton balls stuck to her fingers, the nurse and the band aids.

Post shots.  Sorry Mabel.  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Water baby

This girl LOVES the water and her baths.  She doesn't even seem to care when she rolls over from this position and sucks down half a gallon of water.  
She's not even phased by the water in her ears!  Watch out Teacher Mark!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Mom!!!

I got to sleep in until 8 and woke up to fed children and a cake in the oven.  Thanks Daddy!  
The kids decorated the cake when they got home from school and then we ate some.  They loved ALL the candles.
Oh, we left the right side of the cake without chocolate frosting because Jeremy doesn't like chocolate (he does NOT get that from me).  
Daddy took the kids to Target the weekend before to pick out a card and here is what they chose...
Ryan had each one sign it.  Pretty funny.  Amelia is top left, then Mabel (yes, she actually scribbled) and Jbird is the rest :)  This might have been my favorite part of the day.
Ryan and I had a sitter and went to dinner and enjoyed EVERY bit of conversation, food and time together.
My Westchester girls took me out last night to Ugo in Culver City.  Yummy wine, food and classic conversation as always!  Thanks ladies.  I couldn't make it through this thing we call "motherhood" without you.  

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mabel - 15 months

Here she is eating her new favorite food...german cold cuts

Wow, 15 months!  I can't believe it!  She is growing so fast and doing so many fun things.  She amazes us every day.  Some new things she's doing...
She's practically's in between walking and running
She has figured out that she can use one finger to open the back screen door (sometimes it gets stuck)
She knows that shoes go on her feet and tried daily to put them on
When I say, "lets put your shoes on", she either runs to her chair to sit down or sits down where ever she is
She's funny!  She likes to make us laugh
She likes to vacuum.  I mean, literally, she moves it back and forth while it's on and ONLY when it's on!
She loves to clean!  Just like her big sis
She tries to say balloon, bird, dog, moon, hi and some other stuff but I don't want to bore you.
She tries ANYTHING if you put it in front of her. She even tried smoked salmon and loved it.
She's FINALLY getting more than 2 teeth.  4 are coming in up top!
She loves to brush her teeth
She kisses and hugs Jbird ALL the time
Her favorite people right now are Jbird, daddy, tilly, Jack George and auntie Jacqui (she always points to her picture in her room) 

Love you Mabel Babel!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

M & M time

And by that I mean, Mommy and Mabel time.  Jeremy and Amelia are in school on Wednesday and Thursday so Mabel gets some alone time with mom.  I usually end up running errands, cleaning, etc so today I decided that we would just hang out.  We rode the bike (she in the trailer) to the Westchester park Farmer's Market.  We bought a TON of strawberries, veggies and cactus tortillas.  She loved the cactus chips that we got as samples.  She's a REALLY good eater. We laid out a blanket, cuddled A LOT, ate lunch (chicken, potatoes, pita bread), she ran around and since there was nothing for this busy girl to get into, she never heard "NO"!  She loved it!  Here are some pics....
Check out that strawberry!!

Cuddle time!!

Sitting on mom's stomach!

Monday, March 07, 2011

A couple small updates...

Auntie Jess came up to Santa Monica for a night so we got the girls together (and us) for breakfast and coffee.  Jeremy and Amelia were at school so they missed it but they got to see the Clarks the day before when Jess stopped by.
Sadie in the middle and Piper on the right

:) Modeling update: Mabel had her first audition yesterday for GAP and she wasn't so cute  nor cooperative.  She then got "released from GAP" today which means she didn't get a call back.  
Sizing up her competition

She had another casting call today for Gymboree, Janie and Jack and Crazy 8 and Ryan said she rocked it.  Ryan said it was like she said, "you want this side, or this face, smiling, not want it, I'll give it to you"!  So these brands do an audition once a year and pull from this for anything they need throughout the year. Mabel could get a gig tomorrow and maybe not for 6 months.  We shall see...

Saturday, March 05, 2011

DRALL (Del Rey American Little League) Opening Day

Last season and first season players :)

All the players gathered around to hear a Dodger old timer give a speech about not giving up.  Loved it!

 All the teams lined up ready to get introduced!

2011's PC Twins team
Jbird is the little kid in front of the coach in red.  

 The team lines up at 3rd and when their name is called, the run to home plate!  GOOOOO Jbird!

We got there at 7:30 this morning to join in the annual pancake breakfast to kick off the season.  Pancakes, sausage, eggs, oj....yummy!!!  Amelia continued to eat as we watched the festivities.  It is a BEAUTIFUL day so no sweatshirts, long sleeves were needed!

Jeremy's first game is Monday so I will report back with how it goes!