Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just another day...

Just another day at home.  Amelia sick with a fever of 103, Mabel had her 15 month check up and got 5 shots and Jbird made a bed out of his trampoline and had a blast playing on it with Mabel ALL morning. Ah, the joys of motherhood!
When you sleep like she did below, you look like this.

Morning cuddles.  She climbed on him herself and he welcomes her with open arms EVERY time.

Mabel now weighs 27 lbs, 4 oz (95%, she's gone down from 97%) and is above 50% in height and noggin is 95%.  

I thought I was brilliant to give her a lollipop to suck on while she got all the shots but it kind of back fired.  Finger prick turned into blood, cotton balls stuck to her fingers, the nurse and the band aids.

Post shots.  Sorry Mabel.  


Meinhardt Family said...

Oh my gosh...Amelia's hair!! Looks awesome. I love the pic of Mabel looking up at the camera. Her eyes are amazing. Hope the girls are feeling better.

the gerbdrians said...

Amelia looks pretty happy despite the fever - was that post-tylonel? My kids have major stinkeye when they're sick. Glad you made it through your day regardless of the fever, and hope no one else gets it.