Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jeremy scored his first run!!

Jeremy had another game today against the Astro's!  He struck out his first time at bat but he got a hit his second time up and got to 1st base.  He then got to 2nd for the first time, then to 3rd which was a MAJOR first.  So I grabbed my flip and caught his first run.  He was a little confused and I yelled a little too loud but it's another funny moment I'll never forget :)

Oh yeah, we are now 3-0.  They turn the score board off when the score gets too high and this was the second time it was turned off.  It was 14-1 when they turned it off.  But you know what's cool about this team being so good...Jeremy gets A LOT of practice at bat. The top of the team always gets on base so he gets at least 3 turns at bat.  Good job TWINS!

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