Wednesday, March 09, 2011

M & M time

And by that I mean, Mommy and Mabel time.  Jeremy and Amelia are in school on Wednesday and Thursday so Mabel gets some alone time with mom.  I usually end up running errands, cleaning, etc so today I decided that we would just hang out.  We rode the bike (she in the trailer) to the Westchester park Farmer's Market.  We bought a TON of strawberries, veggies and cactus tortillas.  She loved the cactus chips that we got as samples.  She's a REALLY good eater. We laid out a blanket, cuddled A LOT, ate lunch (chicken, potatoes, pita bread), she ran around and since there was nothing for this busy girl to get into, she never heard "NO"!  She loved it!  Here are some pics....
Check out that strawberry!!

Cuddle time!!

Sitting on mom's stomach!

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Jess and Jon said...

Oh my gosh!! So cute! I had a Piper solo day today and I can't wait to have some of the same with Stinky Sadie. Too cute!