Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Amelia!

I seriously feel like I just wrote you a 6th birthday post.  Time is flying and you continue to make me smile, challenge me, love me with every ounce of your soul, work hard and care for those you love like crazy.  I think you are like your daddy and loyal to the core to those around you.  You love to hear stories about the day you were born and like I tell you all the time, there was no sign you were coming out anytime soon.  You were quite happy in your mommy's belly even though you kicked me REALLY hard.  Once they finally pulled you out you cried and cried and CRIED!  You were not happy to be so cold.  You were still crying 2+ hours later.  I remember them saying, "It's a GIRL" and I was thrilled.  A boy and now a girl.  You evened things out.  I loved your little muscular legs and arms and the peach fuzz all over your tiny body.  You had just a touch of light brown hair and the sweetest little cheeks that I kissed all day every day.  You are a determined little girl and I could tell the minute I looked into your eyes that you would be that way forever.  I truly cannot wait to see what you do in life because I know you will rock whatever you choose to do.  I love you so much Amelia Bedelia and thank you for loving me soooooooooooooooooooooo much :)  I love you more!

Your first night in a big girl bed!

Preschool graduation - you were less than thrilled about being the center of attention

My favorite picture of you EVER!

You always wore beads, put on hats and acted silly.  

Our first real picture together. Ugh, those little fuzzy shoulders and your little tongue that was always sticking out just a little bit.

 Big sis

Daddy's girl

Those beads.  Always those beads!

You and Jbird, the best of friends who have so much fun together!

How we rolled into the doctors office.  You would cry the minute we walked in so we brought your blankies and wawa

The things that you do: You still rock to sleep, still have chocolate milk 2x a day (I sneak medicine in it but you don't know that), you are determined to win everything you do like the jog-a-thon and bike rodeo, you are a great student and come home with a green card almost daily, your best friend is Isabella, you love to give presents to other people, you love candy and cucumbers, pasta with butter, you still love to clean, sweep, anything that's helpful to me and you love to save money.  Maybe you're like your Uncle Jeremy :)  I love you baby girl.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Minor's Division Champs!

Jeremy's baseball team won the Minors Division Championship today and they earned it.  They were a scrappy little team that came up with wins and big plays when they needed too.  Way to go Orioles!

It's a good thing they won tonight because Amelia's birthday is tomorrow and they would have played another game if they lost tonight.  It's truly a WIN WIN for the Meinhardts.
End of the year DRALL picnic!  Good job Jbird!  

Monday, May 25, 2015

Uncle Dorn

Jacqui, Christian and I made a trip to visit Uncle Dorn in New Mexico this last weekend.  He unfortunately told us that he was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer the last time he was out in L.A. so we decided that a sibling trip out was just what the doctor ordered.  Courtney could not make it unfortunately but we're hoping to go again soon.  Wow!  Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe his house, his property and the people he is surrounded by.  It was a relaxing weekend with lots of laughing, good food, good company and memories to last a lifetime.

View from his house out towards the lake

Looking up at his house from the "main" road

Views from the top of the cliffs above his house

 The inside of his 1bedroom/1 bath house that felt roomy enough for all of us

 Me on the phone with the kiddos

Jacqui and Uncle Dorn on an afternoon outing to the water falls

 Christian took a picture of jacqui and I hiking on the cliffs above his house

 Jacqui and Christian were all about the "selfies" so Dorn took his first one ever!  

Love you guys!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Father-Daughter Prom

Ryan took the girls to the prom this year and everyone had a great time!  They went out to dinner with a bunch of other girls and their daddy's and then danced the night away.  So sweet.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jeremy's Birthday Celebrations

We had a great time celebrating J's 9th birthday!  Our friend Uncle Mike got a suite so Ryan took the kids while mommy, well, studied.  Surprise surprise.  They had a BLAST!

 Thanks Uncle Mike for getting J down to the batting cages and signing Ryan up to be the "Helpful Honda guy".  See below.  That's Ryan in the blue shirt.  Classic!
 J woke up on his bday to excited sisters, presents and he requested donuts so daddy left bright and early to make sure that happened.  

 It was a school day so it was off to school for the day but I brought fruit kabobs to celebrate and read one of Jeremy's favorite books.  After school Jeremy's BFF Matthew came over to play with his new toys and then we headed to Dave and Busters. Jeremy requested a blackberry filled melon instead of a cake so here he is below enjoy the fruits of my labor.  :)
 We celebrated J's birthday a couple weeks later because between mommy's school schedule and baseball games.  He invited his closest friends and we had the Game truck come to the Margallos because we currently have no where to park it.  

Happy Birthday Jbird!  Hope you had a great time!  I still can't believe you're 9!