Monday, May 25, 2015

Uncle Dorn

Jacqui, Christian and I made a trip to visit Uncle Dorn in New Mexico this last weekend.  He unfortunately told us that he was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer the last time he was out in L.A. so we decided that a sibling trip out was just what the doctor ordered.  Courtney could not make it unfortunately but we're hoping to go again soon.  Wow!  Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe his house, his property and the people he is surrounded by.  It was a relaxing weekend with lots of laughing, good food, good company and memories to last a lifetime.

View from his house out towards the lake

Looking up at his house from the "main" road

Views from the top of the cliffs above his house

 The inside of his 1bedroom/1 bath house that felt roomy enough for all of us

 Me on the phone with the kiddos

Jacqui and Uncle Dorn on an afternoon outing to the water falls

 Christian took a picture of jacqui and I hiking on the cliffs above his house

 Jacqui and Christian were all about the "selfies" so Dorn took his first one ever!  

Love you guys!

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