Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jeremy's Birthday Celebrations

We had a great time celebrating J's 9th birthday!  Our friend Uncle Mike got a suite so Ryan took the kids while mommy, well, studied.  Surprise surprise.  They had a BLAST!

 Thanks Uncle Mike for getting J down to the batting cages and signing Ryan up to be the "Helpful Honda guy".  See below.  That's Ryan in the blue shirt.  Classic!
 J woke up on his bday to excited sisters, presents and he requested donuts so daddy left bright and early to make sure that happened.  

 It was a school day so it was off to school for the day but I brought fruit kabobs to celebrate and read one of Jeremy's favorite books.  After school Jeremy's BFF Matthew came over to play with his new toys and then we headed to Dave and Busters. Jeremy requested a blackberry filled melon instead of a cake so here he is below enjoy the fruits of my labor.  :)
 We celebrated J's birthday a couple weeks later because between mommy's school schedule and baseball games.  He invited his closest friends and we had the Game truck come to the Margallos because we currently have no where to park it.  

Happy Birthday Jbird!  Hope you had a great time!  I still can't believe you're 9!

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