Saturday, April 30, 2011


So as you know, Jbird is on the Twins and they're almost at the end of their season.  He started off really well, getting hits, getting on base, etc.  Then he hit a rough patch.  He wasn't getting hits so the coach asked if he wanted to use the "T" after 2 strikes (they only allow the 5 year olds to do that).  They said it was good practice for him to get around the bases rather than strike out all the time.  Since then, he swings twice, strikes twice and gets the "t", gets on base and learns so much about running the bases.  He even scored a couple runs and batted in some runs but no real hits.  What I didn't tell you was that his teammates are so cute and supportive of him.  They cheer so loudly for him and the parents always tell us that their sons talk about J at home and how well he's doing.  He is officially "the youngest player in the league" and will be a rock star next year!  
No hits UNTIL today that is!!!!!! He is like the "Rudy" of the team!  He hit the ball up into the air towards 3rd.  The stands were going crazy and I was getting high fives from all the other parents.  He made it to 1st, then 2nd and then ran in a run!  We were so PROUD!  I almost (almost) cried.  Seriously, it was the most heart warming thing to see his team and parents cheering for our little hard working Jbird.  At the end of the game the umpire gave him the game ball!!!!! I'm not just proud of the hit, I'm proud of the way he NEVER gave up, never cried, never stopped loving it.  He just ran out there every time and gave it his all.  Ugh...just so proud of you little man.  No pics for this post...just a VERY VERY VERY proud mom!  I love you J-monkey!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Jbird!

Oh my goodness, if I'm tired Jbird must be exhausted. We woke J up early so daddy could open presents with us before he headed off to work.  Here is my sleepy faced 5 year old :)  

A birthday hug from Amelia!  Look how happy she is.

 Presents!!! Which included...his first encyclopedia, new coloring books, baseball bases, a baseball game, puzzle, craft stuff and a new helmet which goes with his...

1st bike!!!!!!

After some bike riding, cinnamon rolls and play time, it was time to go to school!!!  Yeah for mommy!  We made "5" cookies yesterday to celebrate his 5th birthday and he enjoyed those at school.  

It may look like he is resting but resting was not happening. He came home from school and went straight outside to swim in the pool, play on the slip n slide and show Jack and Annie his birthday loot!

Next up; play date with his closest buddies!  Simone, Blaise, Emily, William, Jack P, William P and Henry came over.  Hectic doesn't even begin to describe the afternoon but Jbird had a blast so that's all that matters!

Pizza dinner!

We told everyone to sit in the garage so we could sing happy birthday and eat cupcakes!

Except Jbird got a cantaloupe filled with blackberries!  He LOVED it!  I wish I had a picture to show his face when he saw it.  He ate the whole thing!

Mabel loved her cupcake a little too much!

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!  Thank you for being sooooooooo amazing.  After we tucked him in tonight, I was leaving his room and he said, "thank you for all my presents today." You're VERY welcome.

As we tucked Amelia in, she said, "I want a bike like Jeremy." And the planning for her birthday begins...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Front yard Easter

I thought this picture from Sunday was fun because this is how we stayed (minus the tent that was put up for shade) for hours!

Way to go Jbird!

Jeremy was recognized today at school for finishing his whole notebook (a weekly binder he brings to school to practice his letters with a little bit of homework).  Gosh, I feel like it was just yesterday I walked into school and saw the big kids doing the same thing.  Time is flying.  Jeremy is not going to summer school so June 24 will be his last day of preschool.  :(  Keep it together mom!

First thing he said when he got home, "I can't wait to show daddy!"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What a day!!!! Happy Easter to all!

This will hopefully be the last long post for a little bit.  Well, at least a few days!  We had the BEST day!  

The kids were plotting out the easter egg hunt right when they got out of bed.  They saw the eggs from their bedroom window!

They found the baskets they left out last night!

They brought Mabel's into her but she was still trying to wake up.

Totally zoned out.

ALL of the day was spent outside enjoying family, friends and good food!
We hosted a potluck breakfast and Easter egg hunt at 9:30 and we stayed we hung out until 1:30.  We set up a long table and everyone brought lawn chairs and blankets!  

The gang prior to the hunt!  It was a little bright so they're all squinting.

Auntie Nat showed up in the bunny costume and the kids didn't know what to think.  It was pretty funny!

Ready, set, go!

Mabel found a few but didn't want a basket.  I think she thought it slowed her down.

Jeremy had a blast!

Amelia checking out her goods!!

Cousin Kira and Uncle Christian (along with Aunt Windy and Kalea) came for the fun!

 I'm not sure what was going on today but Mabel was OBSESSED with Louise.  I mean, wanted Louise to hold her and not me.  She even got upset when I tried to take her.  

After everyone left and the cleanup was done, Ryan and David got more done on their tiki bar.  It looks GREAT!  Almost there.

Just when we thought the day was done (it's now 5), our other neighbors Kristie and Chris stopped by to see the progress on the bar.  After a little hangout session in our back yard, they told us they had lots of ham, rolls and salad left so they went home to get it and we had our first front yard dinner of the summer!
Kids ate first and then the adults.
 p.s...I went to Home Depot to get some wood and made the executive decision to buy new chairs so I would be more comfortable for the hours I'm out on the front lawn.  I love them!!

This picture isn't special but I thought it was a funny big brother/little sister moment! He's shooting her with a water gun while she's trying to run away!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

We're ready for you Easter Bunny....

We made a cake for you...

Jeremy and I went to an Easter egg hunt at his baseball field.

We won the grand prize in the raffle!  I never win anything. Basket pictured below

Amelia helped Bethany clean her house!

We put our new baskets (or tin pails because I hate storing baskets and we can reuse these at the beach) out on the porch so the bunny can fill them!

Now mom and dad have to get ready!!

Tiki bar update...
The boys had a little extra help because our friends came by for a visit and Seth got roped into it.

Oh yeah, someone wanted to help!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Eggs and Tiki Bars

We dyed easter eggs today and it's always better in your imagination than reality.  I mean, we had fun but it was a long set up (vinegar in each cup, waiting for the tabs to dissolve, boiling eggs, etc) for 10 minutes of fun and mess. 
Getting ready

But hey, they had lots of fun!!!!

And... this is what we ended up with.  Some cute eggs and a messy table :)

Next item on the agenda.  Ryan and David George decided to build a tiki bar for our summer BBQ's!  We'll see how this goes and I'll be sure to keep you updated!

Here are the men planning and drawing out plans.  Literally, drew plans on a piece of paper.  Classic.

The kids were excited when their daddy's got home from Home Depot.

Fixing a slight mistake and laughing about it.

Mabel was bored with all of it :)