Saturday, April 30, 2011


So as you know, Jbird is on the Twins and they're almost at the end of their season.  He started off really well, getting hits, getting on base, etc.  Then he hit a rough patch.  He wasn't getting hits so the coach asked if he wanted to use the "T" after 2 strikes (they only allow the 5 year olds to do that).  They said it was good practice for him to get around the bases rather than strike out all the time.  Since then, he swings twice, strikes twice and gets the "t", gets on base and learns so much about running the bases.  He even scored a couple runs and batted in some runs but no real hits.  What I didn't tell you was that his teammates are so cute and supportive of him.  They cheer so loudly for him and the parents always tell us that their sons talk about J at home and how well he's doing.  He is officially "the youngest player in the league" and will be a rock star next year!  
No hits UNTIL today that is!!!!!! He is like the "Rudy" of the team!  He hit the ball up into the air towards 3rd.  The stands were going crazy and I was getting high fives from all the other parents.  He made it to 1st, then 2nd and then ran in a run!  We were so PROUD!  I almost (almost) cried.  Seriously, it was the most heart warming thing to see his team and parents cheering for our little hard working Jbird.  At the end of the game the umpire gave him the game ball!!!!! I'm not just proud of the hit, I'm proud of the way he NEVER gave up, never cried, never stopped loving it.  He just ran out there every time and gave it his all.  Ugh...just so proud of you little man.  No pics for this post...just a VERY VERY VERY proud mom!  I love you J-monkey!

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Nicole said...

Very exciting!! But, who's Rudy??
-Auntie Cole