Monday, April 18, 2011

Jeremy, I love the way...

I love the way you LOVE me and hug me every time I buckle your car seat.
I love the way you let Mabel pull your hair, take your toys, eat your food because you "get" that she's a baby.
I love the way you ask Amelia every morning "if it's okay that you sit next to her" on the big chair.  If she says no, you have no problem going to the couch.  

I love the way you LOVE fruit!
Your new favorite!

I love the way you want fruit instead of cookies.  
I love the way you practice swinging an imaginary baseball bat when you don't think anyone is watching.
I love the way you hit home plate with your bat even though you have NO idea why you're doing it.
I love the way you go with the flow.
Daddy loves the way you tell stories.  You get so excited and you think faster than you can speak so you stutter.
I love the way you describe yourself as "shy" when I ask why you don't want to play with someone else.
I love the way you LOVE playing with Jack George!

I love the way you love your sisters.  You are the BEST big brother.
I love when I over hear you talking to Luna telling her that you love her.
And I loved it today when I told you when you get older you get to go to college and move out and you said you never wanted to leave me :)  
Love you little monkey man.  I am trying to take in and love all that you are because next year, you will be in kindergarten and I will miss our little talks.


the gerbdrians said...

awwww jbird. you're so sweet. can't wait for you and sev to hang in a month!

Meinhardt Family said...

We love you Jeremy!! Kisses from chicago.