Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mabel, I love the way...

I've wanted to do these posts about my kids because they are funny little memories that make me smile when they happen and I want to read this back and smile again.  So...Mabel first.  She is 16 months old now so these are also some of her newest things.

I love the way she...
climbs into my lap for a quick hug, kiss and the runs off to play again.
I love the way her cheeks are so warm and kissable in the morning. I love her white porcelien skin and rosy red lips.
I love the way she says something that sounds like "I love you" after I say "I love you" when I put her to bed.
She says "night night", "thank you", "yeah", and "done" now.
I love the way you cover your eyes and pretend to count for hide n seek.

I love the way she climbs to the end of the bed to kiss Amelia and Jeremy through the slots of her crib.
I love the way she points at EVERY airplane, bird, dog and baby while saying what it is.
I love the way she's a champ at using a fork and knows what to do with a knife.

I worship it when she stands on her tippy toes to get a kiss from Jbird.
Daddy loves the way you know he's going to tackle and kiss you so you duck your head when you hear him coming.
I love the way you look to the side when you run and I always say, "look where you're going".
You love playing baseball, dancing, hide n seek, remote controls, toilet paper, using wipes to clean things, burping baby dolls (and me when I bend over to pick up food when you're in your high chair).

I love the way she says "ma ma" clear as day and then babbles in baby language and she thinks she is really saying something.
I love the she comes in and pulls up her shirt when she's gone #2 in her diaper (maybe we'll have this girl potty trained super early).
I love the way she's fearless and goes head first down slides when she's never seen them and has no idea what's in store.
I could go on and on but I will not make this a novel.

I love you Mabel Babel.  You are truly the most edible girl and I love how affectionate you are, how FUNNY (Ryan thinks she'll be the comedian) you are and how much you love all of us.  I still try to breathe in and take in all of your being since you are my last little baby.  Ugh...I just can't put into words how much you mean to me and your dad.  Love you little stinker.


Meinhardt Family said...

So sweet. Mabel, I love you soooo much!!!! (and your brother and sister!) Hugs and kisses sweet girl.

...all of us said...

It is great to get that stuff down, before you forget the nuances of each one.