Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Dr Jekyll and Miss Hyde

I wasn't going to clean the house today because it's not really been working lately.  Mabel is an angel but an angel that is into everything so when I'm trying to clean up, she follows behind me with a mess :)  She wanted a snack so I gave her a cup of dry cereal and she went straight outside.  I started to pick up around the house and whenever I checked on her, she was playing with Luna, sitting on the step, etc.  I was in our room and looked out to see her sitting quietly at the picnic table eating her snack.  SO cute.  Then I decided to start cleaning.  WRONG!
The cereal ended up all over the floor in the dining room while I was cleaning the bathroom!  She might as well have made snow angels in her cereal!
The toilet paper roll was completely unraveled while I was cleaning the kitchen.  Thank you Mabel for another interesting attempt to clean the house.  



the gerbdrians said...

cleaning, schmeaning.

Arutunian family said...