Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Jbird!

Oh my goodness, if I'm tired Jbird must be exhausted. We woke J up early so daddy could open presents with us before he headed off to work.  Here is my sleepy faced 5 year old :)  

A birthday hug from Amelia!  Look how happy she is.

 Presents!!! Which included...his first encyclopedia, new coloring books, baseball bases, a baseball game, puzzle, craft stuff and a new helmet which goes with his...

1st bike!!!!!!

After some bike riding, cinnamon rolls and play time, it was time to go to school!!!  Yeah for mommy!  We made "5" cookies yesterday to celebrate his 5th birthday and he enjoyed those at school.  

It may look like he is resting but resting was not happening. He came home from school and went straight outside to swim in the pool, play on the slip n slide and show Jack and Annie his birthday loot!

Next up; play date with his closest buddies!  Simone, Blaise, Emily, William, Jack P, William P and Henry came over.  Hectic doesn't even begin to describe the afternoon but Jbird had a blast so that's all that matters!

Pizza dinner!

We told everyone to sit in the garage so we could sing happy birthday and eat cupcakes!

Except Jbird got a cantaloupe filled with blackberries!  He LOVED it!  I wish I had a picture to show his face when he saw it.  He ate the whole thing!

Mabel loved her cupcake a little too much!

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!  Thank you for being sooooooooo amazing.  After we tucked him in tonight, I was leaving his room and he said, "thank you for all my presents today." You're VERY welcome.

As we tucked Amelia in, she said, "I want a bike like Jeremy." And the planning for her birthday begins...


Nicole said...

Happy birthday, Jeremy!!! We loved celebrating with you!
love, Auntie cole, simone and blaise

Joanna said...

Happy Birthday to Jeremy! How adorable that he thanked you at the end of the day for all his presents. You've raised an especially polite, adorable child! :)

Jess and Jon said...

so sweet.... love the last shot of him

we ez said... cropped out William. Bad karma......