Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Eggs and Tiki Bars

We dyed easter eggs today and it's always better in your imagination than reality.  I mean, we had fun but it was a long set up (vinegar in each cup, waiting for the tabs to dissolve, boiling eggs, etc) for 10 minutes of fun and mess. 
Getting ready

But hey, they had lots of fun!!!!

And... this is what we ended up with.  Some cute eggs and a messy table :)

Next item on the agenda.  Ryan and David George decided to build a tiki bar for our summer BBQ's!  We'll see how this goes and I'll be sure to keep you updated!

Here are the men planning and drawing out plans.  Literally, drew plans on a piece of paper.  Classic.

The kids were excited when their daddy's got home from Home Depot.

Fixing a slight mistake and laughing about it.

Mabel was bored with all of it :)

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Nicole said...

can't wait to see this tiki bar. are you in charge of decorated it? or will the men design, build and decorate??