Friday, April 22, 2011

San Diego Fun

The kids are on spring break from school so I decided to take them to San Diego to visit Auntie Jess, Uncle Jon, Piper and Sadie.  Oh yeah, and some dolphins, whales, turtles, sea stars, etc.
We packed up on Tuesday morning.  Clothes - check, diapers - check, blankies x3 - check, toys for the car - check, favorite animals they sleep with - check, noise makers - check, pacifier - check, bathing suits and swim diapers - check, snacks and sippy cups for the drive - check.  All ready to go except now I need to pack for mommy!
Mabel fussed from Irvine to San Diego (that would be 1/2 the drive 
= 1 hour) and the rest of the time was passing crap back to keep all busy and entertained.  Fun times.
We hung out at the house the first day, set up the pool for the kiddos and just enjoyed hanging low.  
Jbird loved sliding down the fast slide into the pool.  Jess also set up the crazy sprinkler under the trampoline and Jeremy had to jump over it as it made it's way across the bottom.

Lounging pool side!

Mabel LOVES sunglasses! 

Amelia is obsessed with Sadie.  So sweet and helpful.  Auntie Jess told her to sing the ABC's when Sadie got fussy and so she would.  J loved her too of course.  

We went to dinner at a 50's diner where they sing and dance and put the kids to bed about 7:30. 
All of us with our diner hats on.  Jess and I did not have our nice cameras so these are phone quality!

Bath time!

Jeremy and Amelia didn't fall asleep for quite some time...they were excited to be there and they were excited for the Sea World adventure the following day.
When we woke up we got ready and headed to Sea World when the gates opened.  Jess and I decided to leave the strollers behind so it was time to walk, walk, walk! Jbird did awesome...6.5 hours later, he was still walking and didn't ask to get picked up one time.  
Not a great picture but I couldn't deal with the size of this fish!

Checking out the Beluga Whales.

Bay of Play - Jbird and mommy were climbing and the girls were running around like crazy! That's Amelia in the mid air.

Amelia had Auntie Jess cravings....ride with her, drive with her, sit with her, etc.  She loves Auntie Jess!

We have never waited to get close to the dolphins but it was worth it.  We were SO close.  Jeremy was less than a foot away.  AMAZING!  Auntie Jess pet one and we got splashed by one.

We went to the tide pools when Jess and Piper left and Jeremy was SUPER into it.  Petting, picking up and listening to speaker talk about sea stars.

 Notice Amelia in the background not too sure of this.  See below as well.

The girls on the other hand needed help getting through the day but it was WAY easier then having a stroller.  Sea World has annoying stroller parking which always leaves your stroller where you went in the exhibit, not where you come out so you have to double back. Auntie Jess and Piper went home about 1:30 and J, A and I hung until 4:30.  We even saw some things we had never seen before.  Needless to say, the kids were ALL in bed by 6:30 (all 5 of them) and we relaxed and caught up!

Today we woke up and headed out on an "adventure" to tire the kids out before the drive.  A "nature" walk then entailed me carrying Amelia the whole time, a stream, lots of rocks, potato bugs and dirty, tired kids by the end.  Mabel was a trooper and walked the whole way out but wanted to be carried back.  Yup, that meant mom and Jess had to pass kids back and forth because my arms were cramping from carrying almost 55 lbs of girls! 

So helpful with Mabel.  He wanted to hold her hand because it was very rocky.

Huck Finn!  He wanted to pull up his pants and get in the water.

Piper and Jbird rocked!  Thank you again Jess and Jon for having the chaos of our visit.  We love you!


the gerbdrians said...

so fun! and so much work -- all at the same time.
what are those things over the high chairs at the restaurant? probably to protect the kiddos from all previous germs, I would guess?

we ez said...

looks awesome! I thought you weren't going to SeaWorld! Looks like a great time!