Monday, April 25, 2011

Way to go Jbird!

Jeremy was recognized today at school for finishing his whole notebook (a weekly binder he brings to school to practice his letters with a little bit of homework).  Gosh, I feel like it was just yesterday I walked into school and saw the big kids doing the same thing.  Time is flying.  Jeremy is not going to summer school so June 24 will be his last day of preschool.  :(  Keep it together mom!

First thing he said when he got home, "I can't wait to show daddy!"


Nicole said...

Congratulations, Jeremy!! I'm super proud of you!!!!
Aunite Cole

...all of us said...

Oh my goodness, I teared up when I thought of the end of pre school and the beginning of Kindergarten.
We love you, big boy!
~Auntie Jamie

Meinhardt Family said...

Oh my!! So much to catch up on. Loved the Easter egg potluck. Looks like you guys had a blast! The kids are growing up too fast. Can you somehow put a halt on that? Tell Jeremy congrats on being and outstanding student. We are SO PROUD of him. Tiki Bar??? - AWESOME!!! I want to come to a bbq with one of those. Now who's going to be stuck behind it serving drinks all night?

Miss you guys so much!!! Give them all hugs and kisses.