Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

We went to our friend's house for a kid's dinner, picture opportunity and starting point for trick or treating.  Jeremy refused to wear his costume so he didn't take a picture or trick or treat for the first half of the block.  Ryan and I, of course, feel SUPER guilty now but he ended the night on a good note.  He got some candy and ran from house to house with his buddy Jack Pickett.  After we finished trick or treating, we sat on our neighbor's front yard, ate a yummy dinner, passed out candy and the kids had a ball.  They ran around the yard, ate way too much candy, went through the haunted house (Jbird did) and danced to some music.  Did I mention that Amelia was a rock star trick or treater!?!?  She held that candy bag with all her might, walked up to every door and said "thank you" to everyone, some before they even gave her the candy.  I think this may be her favorite holiday :)  Good times!

Griffith Observatory

Ryan thought it would be fun to take the kids to the Griffith Observatory.  We called our friends Nicole, Paul, Simone and Blaise to join.  None of the parents got to read or learn much but it was fun to see the kids enjoy a new place and use words like "skelescope" (Jeremy saying telescope)! 

Who wants a picture with mom?  Apparently no one does :(

Checking out the view

Downtown LA

On the drive over, Jeremy kept asking, "what planet are we on now?"  "Earth" we would say, "we are always on earth."  He then continued to say, "this is a beautiful planet" about different things as we drove up the hill to the observatory.  If only we all could see through the eyes of a 3 year old.  I think he gets his POSITIVE personality from his auntie Courtney.

Ryan, Simone & Jeremy on their way up to the telescope!

Amelia and mommy waiting at the bottom

The kids being kids
We finished up the morning/afternoon with Hot Dog On A Stick!  Yummy!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ms. Goldfish

Jeremy's teachers asked that Amelia wear her costume because Jeremy has been talking about it non-stop.  Here they are!  A little blurry on one but you get the idea!

Halloween Parade 2009 at Johnny's Preschool

I think it's official that he's not the "center of attention" type.  Ryan and I thought that last years performance may have been due to his age, but after today....we'll stick to sports and not performing!

Halloween Parade at Johnny's Preschool Part II

Monday, October 26, 2009

Secret Video

The kids never really perform when they know I am recording so I secretly got a video of them playing in J's crib.  They were singing and petting Jeremy's dolphin.  If you are in my family, it reminds me of the audio tape my parents have of Christian asking Courtney to sing when we lived in Germany.  She was probably around J's age.  Wish I could post that too.  

Random pictures from a busy weekend

Friday night....Ryan and Jbird made kabobs!  They were yummy!

Saturday: Kids played stroller derby, Ryan replaced a window so we went to the park, naps, Halloween Festival (Jbird painted a pumpkin, petting zoo, snow cones and dancing) and the day ended with a Halloween party across the street.

Sunday: Mommy got to sleep in, brunch with some old friends, more naps and another trip to a pumpkin patch.  

Here is a picture of Amelia's hair which has been growing like a weed.  Oma has nicknamed her Goldilocks.  I think it's fitting.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Amelia's Field Trip to the pumpkin patch!

First child gets a full blown camera opportunity and the 2nd born gets the iphone camera.  Amelia has school on Thursdays like Jbird had for a couple years.  It's that time of year again for some fun field trips and photo opps.  Last week in class, all the kids made (I made hers) their t-shirts so we could find them in the patch.  Here are some pics of Amelia's 1st field trip :) 

Waiting to get in!

She touched EVERY pumpkin in the place and ran around like a kid in a candy store.  She loved it!

Train ride around the patch!

When we walked in the petting zoo, Amelia was greeted nose to nose by a goat.  She about climbed the fence to get out :(  Classic!

She warmed up to the baby goat and followed it around the zoo!

Mickey Mouse's Trick or Treat Party

"Trick or Treat"

He did not like this guy

Watching the ladies dance in the parade!

King Tritan's Merry Go Round

Jbird got to meet the Cars gang!  Lightening was just to the right!

Ryan and I took Jbird to Disneyland last night for some trick or treating, parade, characters and rides!  He LOVED the ferris wheel which wasn't a regular wheel.  The cars were on tracks so as the wheel went up and around, the cars were swinging and sliding.  I didn't go on it but Ryan did and he looked more scared than Jeremy.  We got home about 11 and we had one tired boy.  Good times!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I know, I am a nerd.  Auntie Jacqui wanted to see the Quantas Airbus land at LAX while she was here but we missed it!  So, Amelia and I went to watch it after we dropped Jbird off at school.  It doesn't do it justice but it's a pretty big plane!  

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Carving 2009

Ryan and I had a weekend away in Palm Desert and loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We sat by the pool, ate way too much, slept in and actually finished every conversation we started.  Ryan told Jeremy that when we got home we would carve pumpkins so that's what we did.  Jeremy started the carving process with Ryan but lost interest and took up the web decorating.  Amelia loved carving the pumpkin..specifically carrying the carving knife :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I was sitting with Jbird on the couch yesterday and all of a sudden, he busted out counting in Spanish.  Does he learn it at school or perhaps Dora and Diego shows?  No idea...I know it's not me because I took French :)  Anyway, he now likes to count in Spanish and English.  He gets a little confused on counting at the end of this video...think he's a little camera shy.  

Soccer Skills

I have to brag for a minute about her soccer skills.  We are quite impressed.  She also likes to kick other things around...I think she may be our soccer player.  We will let Jeremy play baseball!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

29 weeks along, 10 to go

I had my 29 week appt this week and everything looks great.  The baby is head down and about 2 1/2 lbs.  Probably around 15 inches long.  It had its hands by its face and it had VERY chubby cheeks.  It looked like Amelia when I had my ultrasound about the same time....just big cheeks.  Heart beat was strong and its legs were kicking like crazy.  We had my friend Julie take family pictures and she took this one of Jbird and me.  I'm getting bigger and more uncomfortable by the minute but trying to enjoy it since it's the last time.  I go back to the doctor every 2 weeks now until I'm 36 weeks so I will let you know how the next appt goes.  Until then, Baby Meinhardt #3 will get lots of hiccups, move like its running a marathon and make me fatter by the minute. :)

Friday, October 09, 2009

Pumpkin Carving w/ Auntie Jacqui

Auntie Jacqui carved a pumpkin (I helped a little), baked the seeds and I didn't like them at all.  I had fun poking the cut pieces out and when it got dark, Jacqui lit that candle so I could see it.  The best part of the night was when she turned out the lights and chased me with the lit pumpkin!  Amelia was REALLY scared so she held on to Oma and Mom and cried :(

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Happy 5 year Anniversary Mom & Dad

Mom and Dad got married 5 years ago today and they are happier than ever!  How could they not be?  They have us right :)  We thought we would let them get ready in peace and quiet but we are only 3 and 1.  We don't know how to do that!

Mom was trying to put on a little makeup but we didn't let her do too much :)

How could you not want to spend time with me when I look like this?  Thanks for making a mohawk in my hair dadda!

Oh wait, you guys want to take a picture with just the two of you?  

No, we think a family picture would be better!!!!!!!  We love you and we're so happy you met and got married :)  Thanks for being the best mom and dad ever!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Ryan, Auntie Jacqui and I took the kids up to the Palisades Pumpkin Patch this afternoon to get our pumpkins.  We picked up Oma on the way!  Jeremy loves the rope swing there and he decided that Ryan should get a big pumpkin, he wanted a medium size one and he said that Amelia should get a small one. Here are some cute pictures!