Friday, July 06, 2012

Salt Lake and 4th of July

In no particular order; we went to the zoo, had swimming playdates, water park, fairy walks, water toys in the front yard, golf cart rides, Liberty Park water streams, popsicles, played with Georgie's class bunny, sleepovers, lots of cousin time and memories that will last forever!!!!  Can you tell it was hot?  The kids had a blast but after 8 days, I think they were ready to sleep in their own beds.  Mommy was.  I miss my sisters and I miss hearing my kids laugh and love with their cousins :( Until next time. Love you guys!

The kids are turning into quite the travelers....each has their own backpack and even put them in their own tray and pushed it down the security line.  All 3 fell asleep and slept most of the flight home!  This is getting easier...

Happy 4th!  We went to the Westchester Parade and then headed to Hermosa beach to eat, drink and enjoy the day with some of our oldest friends.  The "south bay" gang.  

In case you're wondering why there are horses....police on horseback!  We set up near some crazy teenagers so the kids got a quite a show of what NOT to do when they get older.  

Our German nanny Olivia arrived today and she seems GREAT!  She's already read the girls a story before bed, tucked everyone in and is an independent one.  We're off to a busy summer showing her the sites and having fun with friends!
ps...did not proof read so don't judge!