Saturday, May 04, 2013

Celebrating 7 years of sweetness

Jbird is into Avatar, the last airbender and so that's what we did for his party!  Try to plan a party about a show that aired from 2005-2009.  There's nothing out there so I had to get creative.  It's a show about the 4 nations; air, water, earth and fire and Aang...the avatar.  
The cake may look like a dog but it's a flying white bison.  It actually looks like a dog as well so I wasn't too far off :)

I hired a company who sends two characters dressed up as two characters from Avatar.  Here are the kids learning some "earth, air, water and fire bending" skills.

This one is air bending.  I love all their faces, hands and effort!

At the end, the characters lead the kids on a treasure hunt.  

The treasure were the party favors

Jeremy had to show the "bending" skills he learned in order to open the treasure.

He received Avatar's medallion and wore it the rest of the day!

All of our "benders"

Happy Birthday buddy!  Hope you had a good day!  You deserve it.  Love you