Sunday, March 29, 2015

10 weeks later....

I am finished with my winter quarter of classes and it was pretty crazy.  I really enjoyed the clinicals in the hospital, pharmacology and pathophysiology were no joke and I wouldn't have made it through without my classmates, mommy friends, Ryan, the kids, my family and coffee.  GOD BLESS coffee.  Here are pictures from the last 10+ weeks.

We went to Salt Lake City for New Year's and like always, had lots of fun with our cousins!  We went sledding, Ryan took the kids skiing and we just hung out and relaxed.

We stopped in Vegas on the way home and the kids loved it!!!!

 Once we got back from the break, it was back to the books for mommy and school, baseball and busy schedules for the kids.

 The house is coming along.....

We had a picnic in our family room

Daddy takes the kids on the roof and mommy doesn't approve in the least.

 We have had some fun dinners out with friends (the Taylor's hosted a "German brat" night.  Mabel decided to go in costume.

Amelia is still doing amazingly well in school and received the class' first excellent student award and a free yogurt.  She was thrilled!

 Mabel is watching mommy and learning.  Luna is a very good patient.

 Being in the apt can be hard because we have to factor in about 45 minutes a day to take luna out to go potty but as much as it is just one more thing to do, sometimes it forces me to stop, take a deep breath and see some pretty cool things around me.  

 Ryan took the kids to Big Bear for Indian Guides so mommy studied and enjoyed some alone time while the kids had fun in the mountains!

 Mabel is still working hard on her political career.  I think this one is destined for presidency.

 Jeremy started baseball season and he's on a team with the same coach as last year and a lot of the same players.  Go Orioles!

 We had a long power outage so the girls and I enjoyed a romantic dinner.

 Amelia still loves eating cucumbers like this....

The kids are on spring break now and I head back to clinicals and classes.  Auntie Courtney and kids are coming for Easter and then Auntie Jacqui and kids come the week afterwards.  I will try to update after their trip but if I don't get around to it, I will once the next 10 weeks is over and I have another quarter under my belt.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

37 years....

Dear Jeremy, Amelia and Mabes,

I don't feel old nor do I think 37 is old.  Tomorrow mommy is 37 and even though you told me that was "a lot of years" it isn't.  I hope I am fortunate enough to live another 37 years and watch you stinkers grow up, have your kids, find your other halves and see what you turn out to be.  I feel lucky to have my family, my health and my friends.  I am back in school to achieve a dream and I couldn't do this without your daddy.  He has taken on a lot more so make sure you say thank you and behave when mommy is at work or class.  You guys have been so good and I know your lives are a little upside down but it will be over before we know it and then I will be a nurse and hopefully take care of other people's kiddies in the hospital.  I know you will not read this for many years but I hope you know that I'm trying to keep your little lives as normal as possible and that mommy isn't perfect.  I am trying my best to handle it all and make sure you three are my priorities.  I found some old pictures and I wanted to post them because they remind me how special you are, how lucky I am to have you and that what you three have is so amazing and special.  Keep loving each other (and bickering) and know that you always have a best friend in each other and that mommy and daddy love you and we're so proud of the people you are and will become.


 6 months old

 6 months old


 6 months old

Love you guys so so much.

 And we're building our dream home for all of us!  

 Thanks for making me feel so loved!