Tuesday, March 10, 2015

37 years....

Dear Jeremy, Amelia and Mabes,

I don't feel old nor do I think 37 is old.  Tomorrow mommy is 37 and even though you told me that was "a lot of years" it isn't.  I hope I am fortunate enough to live another 37 years and watch you stinkers grow up, have your kids, find your other halves and see what you turn out to be.  I feel lucky to have my family, my health and my friends.  I am back in school to achieve a dream and I couldn't do this without your daddy.  He has taken on a lot more so make sure you say thank you and behave when mommy is at work or class.  You guys have been so good and I know your lives are a little upside down but it will be over before we know it and then I will be a nurse and hopefully take care of other people's kiddies in the hospital.  I know you will not read this for many years but I hope you know that I'm trying to keep your little lives as normal as possible and that mommy isn't perfect.  I am trying my best to handle it all and make sure you three are my priorities.  I found some old pictures and I wanted to post them because they remind me how special you are, how lucky I am to have you and that what you three have is so amazing and special.  Keep loving each other (and bickering) and know that you always have a best friend in each other and that mommy and daddy love you and we're so proud of the people you are and will become.


 6 months old

 6 months old


 6 months old

Love you guys so so much.

 And we're building our dream home for all of us!  

 Thanks for making me feel so loved!

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