Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Johnny's Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Another Easter Egg hunt at school but this was Amelia's first (I think...I can't remember) so that was fun to watch.  She knew exactly what to do, so maybe this wasn't her first time, and Mabel watched the whole thing from the back pack.  Teacher Chris always decorates so nicely for Easter and they put A LOT of effort into the eggs (I mean they have bubbles, stamps, crayons, stickers, candy, mini coloring books and games) so the kids have a blast for hours afterwards playing with everything.

Ready, set, go...

Mabel is super excited for things to get started...can't you tell?

Waiting for all the parents to arrive

She was so excited to find the eggs!

"I see you little egg"

Jeremy let Amelia get these...such a good big brother.

Teacher Chris sections off all around the school so the big kids don't tear through it collecting all the eggs.  So, each child is told to collect a certain number and when they do, they wait to start the next area.  Here are all the bunnies waiting to hunt in the courtyard.

Amelia and her buddy Henry (Henry is Luke's younger brother)

Jbird and Luke

My attempts at a family picture!

In case you can't read Amelia's shirt, it reads "And though she be but little, she is fierce!" ~A Midsummer's Night Dream
Courtesy of Oma!  Thank you Oma, she loves it because it's PINK!

And, they both waited patiently until we got home and ate lunch before they sat together on the trampoline and compared their loot.  


Jess and Jon said...

dude... they are so darn cute, cant wait to hang with them. Your school is so awesome! Tomorrow I can't wait to go to Passover brunch at Pipes. ;) Hee, hee....

the gerbdrians said...

they're such adorable little bunnies.

Nicole said...

I love Amelia's shirt!

Meinhardt Family said...

Love this last picture. They are adorable. This will be a good one to look back on when they are older.