Sunday, April 24, 2011

What a day!!!! Happy Easter to all!

This will hopefully be the last long post for a little bit.  Well, at least a few days!  We had the BEST day!  

The kids were plotting out the easter egg hunt right when they got out of bed.  They saw the eggs from their bedroom window!

They found the baskets they left out last night!

They brought Mabel's into her but she was still trying to wake up.

Totally zoned out.

ALL of the day was spent outside enjoying family, friends and good food!
We hosted a potluck breakfast and Easter egg hunt at 9:30 and we stayed we hung out until 1:30.  We set up a long table and everyone brought lawn chairs and blankets!  

The gang prior to the hunt!  It was a little bright so they're all squinting.

Auntie Nat showed up in the bunny costume and the kids didn't know what to think.  It was pretty funny!

Ready, set, go!

Mabel found a few but didn't want a basket.  I think she thought it slowed her down.

Jeremy had a blast!

Amelia checking out her goods!!

Cousin Kira and Uncle Christian (along with Aunt Windy and Kalea) came for the fun!

 I'm not sure what was going on today but Mabel was OBSESSED with Louise.  I mean, wanted Louise to hold her and not me.  She even got upset when I tried to take her.  

After everyone left and the cleanup was done, Ryan and David got more done on their tiki bar.  It looks GREAT!  Almost there.

Just when we thought the day was done (it's now 5), our other neighbors Kristie and Chris stopped by to see the progress on the bar.  After a little hangout session in our back yard, they told us they had lots of ham, rolls and salad left so they went home to get it and we had our first front yard dinner of the summer!
Kids ate first and then the adults.
 p.s...I went to Home Depot to get some wood and made the executive decision to buy new chairs so I would be more comfortable for the hours I'm out on the front lawn.  I love them!!

This picture isn't special but I thought it was a funny big brother/little sister moment! He's shooting her with a water gun while she's trying to run away!


Jess and Jon said...

So friggen cute! I love your "front yard neighborhood". The Tiki Bar is cracking me up! Tell Ryno he needs to figure out how to make a kick a## mai tai now. Miss you!

Nicole said...

Not sure which I like better: the tiki bar or the full bunny suit. maybe someone in the bunny suit serving drinks from the tiki bar! :)

we ez said...

Such a wonderful time! Thanks for hosting a great easter morning!! Does Mabel miss me?? So sweet!