Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday sweet boy!

Oh my gosh, you are 9 years old.  I cannot believe it. I truly CANNOT believe it.  You are the apple of my eye and so special to your daddy and I.  You have turned in to everything I could have hoped for already and I know you will be such a good person, friend, brother and son.  Thank you for letting me hold your hand while we drive, squeeze your hand 3 times ("I love you") and for squeezing mine back 4 times ("I love you too").  You told me the other night that you will always kiss me hello and goodbye even when you think "I'm so lame" and I will show you this post one day if you don't.  Thank you for letting me lay in bed with you when you're sick and and for letting me pinch your ear lobes and kiss your eyeballs.  I knew we had something special when I first looked into your eyes.
A son.  My son.  ALL mine.  Don't tell your dad I said that :) because he thinks you're all his too.  I can still remember the smell of your sweet little face when you were born and spent a week in the NICU.  I can still remember your fuzzy little shoulders, your monkey toes and the softest head of blonde hair anyone in the NICU had ever felt.  I remember slow dancing with you swaddled on my shoulder and I would dance with you until you fell asleep.  Nora Jones.  So many good memories.  You have been so good through my schooling and even though I have to miss some fun things, it's all because I am doing something I am excited for.  I'm sorry my books make you "lose your appetite" but I will be able to take better care of you and your sisters.  Who knows, maybe you will become a Dr. one day and I will get sick at your books.  I am so proud of you.  You are a genuine boy and I really can't wait to see what you become.  So keep being you and good things will come your way.  I love you my sweet boy, my life is forever changed because of you.  My 1st born.

Love you more than you love me,

The stuff that makes you YOU: You still move at your own pace, constantly drum with pencils, make lots of noise, eat a ton of fruit, do well in school, enjoy soccer and baseball (soccer more right now), bother your sisters, love your sisters and miss your sisters if they go away for too long.  You now like to heat up your clothes before you get dressed on school mornings and always grab a piece of fruit on the way out the door.  You're into Pokemon, legos, Xbox and reading.  Keep up the good work!

To another wonderful year of exciting things.  Happy Birthday!

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