Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a beautiful day!!!

The kids usually eat breakfast while I pack their lunches and today Jeremy asked me "if I would put a note in his lunch box because other kids get notes and the teachers will read them out loud.  Could you do that?" Ummm...OF COURSE, you both get them!  You might be sorry you asked kid!

While J and A were at school, Mabel and mommy played in the front yard, the back yard, set up the pool for the hot afternoon, cleaned, played and cuddled.  Mabel is OBSESSED with tooth brushes so when I was cleaning the bathroom and she found the Costco box of tooth brushes, she thought she had died and gone to heaven!

Count 'em...3 in her hand and two on the bath.

The first water play date was with Simone and Blaise.  They came over right after school so Amelia and Mabel missed it but it makes it less hectic with only 3 rugrats.  Thank you Auntie Cole for the popsicles!

Enjoying the popsicles in the baby pool!

 The moms enjoyed lunch by the "poolside".  Well, we can pretend right?  Who cares if the pool was plastic with a slide.

15 minutes after our first play date left, our buddies Emily and William came over to swim.  Auntie "weez" brought a crazy sprinkler that we put under the trampoline (thank you auntie courtney for that idea) and it as a HIT!  Jeremy took over control for awhile and William loved getting sprayed!

Mabel and Amelia didn't miss all the fun.  They woke up in time for the 2nd round of popsicles and some water fun.  After all of our friends left, we ate dinner and then headed outside to wait for daddy.
Well, Bethany and David were on their way to Jack's baseball game and asked J and A if they wanted to go.  In a flash, they were gone and it was just Mabel and mommy again.  It was nice because mommy and daddy got to eat dinner, catch up and spend quality time with Mabel.  We then headed over to watch a little bit of the game and pick up the kids but Jeremy and daddy didn't want to leave so I brought the girls home and the boys didn't get home until 8:30.  If you know what time my kids go to bed, that's VERY late.  

The kids love baseball!  ALL of them.

Every time we play in the front yard, the "T", bats, balls and gloves come out.  Amelia told me today, "I want to play baseball when I am a boy." I replied, "well, you're never going to be a boy so you can play baseball as a girl." She said, "when I turn 4 because I can't touch the sky yet.  I'm still little!" 


Jess and Jon said...

dude... those threee are too friggen cute.

Ricki Kanter said...

OMG. I miss those years, and someday you will too. Thanks for such great posts and pictures that let me live it again vicariously. Hug them all for me.

Nicole said...

looked at the pics with the kids. now i have to write a note too! :)
anutie cole