Saturday, December 04, 2010

What do we do on a gloomy day?

Well, it's kind of fun sometimes because I can break out arts and crafts, stay in PJ's and not feel guilty about it.  So that's what we did.  We were all in our PJ's until almost 10:30.  That may sound early to some but I am usually up and at 'em with the kids by 9.

We enjoyed all of our Christmas decorations.

The "go to" entry way decor!  Advent calendars on the bottom so the kids can get right to it first thing in the morning and the "only come out at Christmas time" Christmas books stacked to the right.  And that reindeer hanging on for dear life...not sure but the kids like it so I left it. :)  Oh, the advent calendars have since been moved because when mommy left for a little bit today...this happened
A little blurry but can you see the chocolate around her mouth?  Yup, she got into them and ate 3 days worth of chocolate.  This girl's going to be trouble.  Oh yeah, Mabel actually stayed in her pj's ALL day and I only changed her out of them to put new ones on to go to bed.

Amelia played with floam!

Jeremy drew a sting ray and then glued stuff around it.  Amelia glued stuff too but I didn't get a picture.

They played Elefun (one of their favorite games)!

When everyone was up from their naps, we loaded into the car to head down to a Winter celebration in El Segundo.  I was informed that there was snow so Amelia had rain boots on to keep her feet from getting cold. We even took Jack and Annie.  It was quite a car load.  When we got there, there was no snow and the school band playing loud music = Amelia scared of the noise and 5 bored kids.  So we took a picture....
(Annie was ready for the snow and notice that Mabel is STILL in her pj's)

...and then left and went to a local park where the kids played, climbed and then we did some lawn bowling.

Now the kids are in bed, I'm back in my pj's and I'm going to enjoy the fire in the fireplace.

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