Thursday, December 09, 2010

Mabel's Follow up cardiology appt
Let me start off by saying that she was such a GOOD girl during the whole appt.  She had an EKG to confirm something was not 100%.  She then had a check up by the dr in which she just looked up at him with her big blue eyes while he listened to her heart.  Lastly, she had an ultrasound.  What did they find...
Two things: 
1.  She has a MILD Pulmonary Valve Stenosis (Pulmonary valve stenosis is a condition in which the flow of blood from the heart (right ventricle, or lower chamber) is blocked at the valve that separates the heart from the pulmonary artery (pulmonic valve)

What does this mean for Mabel?  Nothing right now.  They want to 

keep an eye on it and see her again in a year to make sure the blockage doesn't get worse.  According to the dr, "historically, it doesn't get worse but" he wants to make sure.

2.  She has PFO.  A patent foramen ovale (PFO) is a defect in the septum (wall) between the two upper (atrial) chambers of the heart. Specifically, the defect is an incomplete closure of the atrial septum that results in the creation of a flap or a valve-like opening in the atrial septal wall (see illustration). A PFO is present in everyone before birth but seals shut in about 80% of people.

So this sounds like a lot of not so good news but both are small and mild. He said she is thriving and we should treat her like we have been doing for the last year.  All is good.  

Love you Miss Mabel


The Lady of the House said...

Love you beautiful girl. Every inch of you ~ open, closed or blocked.

Meinhardt Family said...

Oh Miss Mabel. You are such a trooper. We love you and miss you and are happy to hear the prognosis is mild! Kisses and hugs...

the gerbdrians said...

Good work on the appointment, Mabel - Did they also find that you have a heart of gold? You're eyes seem to be telling the world this. Sorry to hear that you (and your parents) have to go through these of scary check-ups, but it seems like you're healthy and strong! Keep it up.