Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shore Fishing Tradition

Bethany suggested that we all meet at the beach for Breakfast on Christmas Eve morning!  And so we did!!!!  It was a GREAT way to spend a day that so often is left for last minute shopping, watching football and waiting for dinner.  The George's provided breakfast burritos, we provided Monkey bread and mimosa's and the Bowers brought donuts and coffee.  Yummy!

Jack, Annie, Christian, Alexis and our munchkins!

Oh yeah, the MEN fished and caught a couple leopard sharks!  All the kids took turns touching it and watching it swim around!

David, Ryan and Chris

The kids slept in (7:30) so the girls went to the beach in PJ tops

Kristie, Bethany and me

Bethany was VERY nice and took my girls to the bathroom!  Her little ducklings
Same time, same place next year!!!
The girls are napping now and we're getting ready to host Xmas Eve dinner.  
Merry Christmas Eve!


...all of us said...

What a lovely new tradition!
How cool that they found leopard sharks!
~Auntie Jamie

the gerbdrians said...

awesome sharks, and can you fedex some of that monkey bread our way?