Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Uncle Christian, Windy, Kira and Kalea were not able to host Christmas Eve due to a stomach bug for poor Kira.  A quick change of plans meant we were hosting.  A little scrambling after shore fishing got everything all set and ready to go.  
We had a yummy Dutch dinner (Ryan and Nick weren't huge fans) but the rest of us LOVED it :)
Tried to get a cute picture but not everyone always cooperates!

Quality time with Oma and Opa!

When everyone left, we put out a plate for Santa and carrots for Rudolph and the rest of his friends! The girls got really into it but Jbird wasn't that excited. Amelia thought the carrots should go right in the middle of the lawn.  Then they ate some before they left it. 

Amelia was very inquisitive about the whole process and thought we should leave the marshmallows outside for Santa.  We had to explain that he comes in the house...hope that doesn't scare her.
Couldn't forget the milk, you know how Santa LOVES milk!

Amelia thought Santa would also like M&M's too so she threw a handful on the plate!


we ez said...

eeeekkkk! a big glass of milk and marshmellows for Santa? Where's the choc. chip cookie? :)

the gerbdrians said...

I love how hard Amelia is laughing in the photo where Mabel is putting up a fight. Good times.