Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mabel's Puppy Party

Mabel LOVEd her puppy party!!!!!  As soon as she figured out there were puppies in the crates, she was all over it.  Here she is waiting for them to come out.


I bought and turned a cardboard house into Mabel's doghouse for the kids to color while they waited to get their puppy time.

I had puppy snacks for the kids and each party goer had their personalized cup so they wouldn't lose them.

Maybe the treats looked a little too "puppy" like because I was asked many times if the food was for the kids :)

Mabel waited patiently for the green light to get in with the pups. 

Once in, she was never out more than a few minutes.  The dog breeder was very nice and let the birthday girl in and out the whole time.


Mabel was lucky to have lots of friends and family there!

Hope you wished for another wonderful year!  We love you sweet girl!

She watched every last puppy get put away and cried when they left :(  

But, she has this to look forward to in the morning!  We didn't get to open a single present because the kids played outside until bath and bed time.  

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the gerbdrians said...

Very cute idea! I was giggling reading the post because wasn't your childhood soccer team named "puppy power" or something like that? It reminded me of a soccer photo Nat had up of you guys as kiddos.