Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

It's been a little while since I've updated because I've been running around with my head cut off.  Family, Christmas shopping, school, girls weekend, getting ready for Mabel's birthday party, etc.  Yikes.  December is ALWAYS a busy month!!!!  
We wrote our letters to Santa!  Well, tried anyway!  Jeremy got "Dear Santa, I would like a remote control fighter jet" and then he lost motivation.  I dotted "Dear Santa" for Amelia to trace and then she was done but she looked cute writing it!

I couldn't get much more done because Mabel was up to no good!  She scooted the kitchen table chair to the front door and tried to open it.

She unloaded the books onto the floor!  
Miss Trouble

"Pillow World" was invented last week.  The kids take ALL the pillows off the couch and play in them.  That itself takes a long time to clean up!

We decorated the house, put up our tree and went to Home Depot to pick out the kids "Charlie Brown" tree for their ornaments!  


Jeremy asked last year if he could go on the roof with daddy but we told him he was too little!  Well this year, he got to help!

ps...runway for Santa is the random stuff in the middle.  Well done Daddy!

Oh yeah, Polar Express is back!!!!!  The kids favorite movie!  Cuddle time with dad!

Auntie Jacqui and kids got here and we've had LOTS of cousin time.  We've also had LOTS of "Mabel, no pushing! Benny, stop hitting" time!  Amelia and Jett are AMAZING together and Jeremy loves having a boy around.

Elf is back and he had a friend while The Rimandos were here.  Elf meet Juan and Juan meet Elf!  The kids loved to find them and they liked that the elves were always together.  
Juan is a darker skinned elf with brown eyes instead of blue eyes!

We had a play date with Kimmy and her newest daughter Elle.  Her other daughter, Shea, had fun on the trampoline with all the other kids.
Based on these pictures, you would think that my family wanted another baby.  Not the case.  Jacqui even asked and the kids said NO.  

We went on walks, beach, parks, Oma and Opa's house, the gym and played a lot at home!!!!
We also made gingerbread trains!

Kids started great, Mabel ate more candy then she put on the train and the moms had to do minimal help.

Mabel and Amelia faded first, then Jett, Jeremy held strong but the other kids playing seemed more fun so I was left to finish.

Meinhardt train

Rimando train

The Rimando cousins left today :( but we've got a busy week with Mabel's birthday party and her birthday on Sunday to keep us happy!  To end on a funny note.....here is how one of our walks turned out.  Pictures from phone so not the greatest but you get the idea.
All was good!  Happy kids = happy moms!

Not so happy kids = a thousand bike and seat changes.  Notice that Amelia is now pulling the wagon, Mabel is no longer in it, Benny is on her way out and Auntie Jacqui is riding a kid's bike.

Benny made it out of the wagon and then ALL the kids wanted turns on the handlebars!  Can you tell it's getting dark?  This walk took WAY TOO long!

The walk ended with me pulling the boys and a bike in the wagon, Amelia riding the big boy bike because no one else wanted to so I had to bribe her with candy and Jacqui pushing Benny on a little bike with Mabel on her back.  

I mean, if that doesn't sum up mother hood, I don't know what to tell you.

Sorry for the long post but man, life is busy and full of really fun times and some not so fun times ;)  

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