Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had an amazing Thanksgiving!!!

We went back and forth about doing the Turkey Trot in Long Beach but with 3 kids and possible rain, we decided against it.  I thought it would be cool to meet up with our "south bay" friends for a run and some play time.  I sent out an email and within hours, we had a fun morning planned.  Meet at the Manhattan Beach pier at 8:15 run a short 10K and then grab coffee and breakfast on the way to play.  

The other mommies and I decided that the beach would be kind of annoying with the sand so we met at a park.  I provided donuts, pastries, OJ, champagne and Jess and Seth picked up the coffees which were much needed after the run!

We stayed at the park until 11:15 because the kids were playing so nicely and we had mimosas in hand.  We got home, put the girls down and got ready for the Little family to come over for dinner!

We moved the DVD player out to the garage so when the adults were eating, the kids could watch their 1st Xmas movie of the season.  Polar Express was last years favorite and so we started with that one.  Jeremy and Kira were so cute together and it was a very pleasant evening!  

This picture didn't turn out like I wanted but the crowd in the kitchen was classic.  Happy Thanksgiving...another one in the books!


...all of us said...

Looks like a great day! Not too crazy and lots of family time.
~Auntie Jamie

the gerbdrians said...

That triple stroller is huge. I cannot imagine jogging behind that for 10K. You are one strong mama. Re: baby #3 - I'm doing great. They're going to wait to take the stitch out until 37 weeks, which means we are slated to have a Christmas baby. uh oh.