Thursday, November 10, 2011


You gotta love it when an impromptu "hey, you want me to pick up Jack and Annie from school"turns into a trip to the park and a "hey, Madeline and Eleanor are here" and then "no way, Emily and William are here too" kind of day!!!!!  
Madeline and Elaenor are between Jeremy and Jack and Annie's best friend Porter is between Jeremy and Annie.  William and Emily showed up after the picture.

The kids had a blast!
Well, except for Amelia who was run over by a kid on a scooter going way too fast.  I even told these kids to slow down when we first got there and then one of them ran over her.  Her shin was bleeding in 2 places, swollen lump on her shin bone and a very shaken up little girl.  I was SO mad that I almost went over and told the kid I told him not to ride around like that but he came over first crying, with red eyes and explained how he tried to turn to avoid her.  Turns out he goes to Goethe. Small world.

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the gerbdrians said...

Poor Amelia! I've been curious - does everyone call the school "Geerta" - like the German pronunciation of Goethe?