Friday, November 11, 2011

Wow, almost 2!

In one month, my "baby" will be 2!!!  I can't believe it.  I have been thinking of this milestone since she was born because your name sake Auntie Courtney told me that the light at the end of the tunnel gets very bright once your youngest is 2!  Life should become a little easier right?  I shouldn't have to watch every move or worry that you're getting into trouble right?  But wait, if you're 2, lord knows kids don't get easier at 2.  And you my little one may be my "easiest baby" but you've got quite a trouble streak.  So before I go into all the things you do so well and I love about you, let's talk about your trouble side.
You love to push the kitchen chairs around to get what you need out of cabinets or off the counter.  I still find toilet paper completely unraveled in the bathroom and you love to open the back gate and escape to the front yard (don't worry, there is a padlock on it so she can't anymore).  You hide keys, my phone ear piece, Jeremy's shoes and anything you can get your hands on.  I have watched you pick something up, open a closet and put it to the way back of the closet and then close the door.  Stinker. You want to do EVERYTHING your brother and sister do but unfortunately you're not old enough so you get very upset.  You like to throw your food to Luna if you don't want it and steal from your siblings if they have what you want.  And the biggest current nuisance is the way you climb onto the dining room chair, open my computer and just start pushing buttons.  Sometimes I want to put you in a cage but most of the time I want to eat all of you up.  On to the funny, cute things you're doing now...
You're a LOVER through and through.  Your daddy and I love the way you always have to give a hug after you give a kiss and not just any hug, a "pat your back and then rub" kind of hug.  And you will always say "hug" and then go in for it.  Your newest thing is to make mommy and daddy kiss and hug.  When one of us is leaving, you will say "daddy" and then point to mommy's cheek and daddy has to kiss me on my cheek.  Then you will point to the other cheek and if either one of us starts to leave, you will remind us that we need to hug with a "pat".  
You're so mellow...if you want something to eat in the car and I don't have anything and I tell you to wait until we get home, you always say "okay" and that's it.  No crying, whining, etc.  Dreamy.  You are SO social and I think you will have tons of friends.  You current best friends include; Jack, the security guard at the gym who you high 5 every time you see him, all the kids at Jeremy's school who get waves every time we pick him up and "grandma" at the gym who is this nice older lady who told Mabel she was a grandma once and now every time Mabel sees her she yells, "hi grandma".  You're funny.  Everything about you is funny and sweet and we could watch you for hours.  Keep entertaining us and loving us the way you do because you are a dream come true Miss Mabel!

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